4 Weeks In: Who Are The Britain’s Got Talent Betting Favourites?

April 30, 2019

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Another fortnight has passed on Britain’s Got Talent. From dancing couples to tap-dancing reindeers, there has once again been a broad spectrum of performances. Some brilliant, others that I simply just did not get. But isn’t that why this show is what it is?

Simon has got out of his seat what feels like a record number of times. Whether this is for standing ovations or to simply exit the stage out of sheer horror is a different story. We’ve also had two more Golden Buzzers, fast-tracking another two acts through to the semi-finals.

It’s been all kinds of fun and games as we’ve fleeted between Manchester and London for the auditions. Let’s see what the last two weeks have treated us to, or in some cases, subjected us to sit through.

Golden Buzzers

Both of these Golden Buzzers have been well and truly earned. Both were jaw-dropping performances, but in different ways.

Akshat Singh

Thirteen-year-old Akshat’s motto in life is to “make everyone happy and show everyone that nothing is impossible in life”. How inspiring. When he first walked onto the stage, with his soft and heartfelt words, I thought he might sing us a ballad.

How wrong could I have been?!

The Mumbai-born dancer then broke out into dance to a Bollywood tune, busting some insane moves. His whole performance was high-energy, with his voice imparting advice over parts of the track as he went. He cartwheeled, did the splits, and all kinds of moves I don’t even know the names of, but – wowee – incredible. It was a joy to watch, and his words at the end “fat people can dance” was the cherry on the cake.

He was so much fun, and inspirational, most definitely succeeding in, as he said, ‘making us happy and showing us nothing is impossible’.

Ant and Dec stepped in before the votes and hit the Golden Buzzer for Akshat, so he is now cartwheeling straight into the semi-finals. He’s also boogied on down towards the favourites in the BGT betting odds at 14/1 with Betfair.

Get in there, Akshat.

Giorgia Borg

Think of what you were like at 10 years old. At a push, I was standing on my big sister’s bed with a hairbrush microphone, performing to myself in the mirror. Giorgia, from Malta, at just ten years of age, has managed to not only write a powerful song about ‘being ten’. She commanded the stage with powerful words, and it wasn’t at all cringey.

Apparently, she competed in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the same song last year, and some viewers were kicking off. To be fair though, looking at some of the stuff we’ve put forward to Eurovision, and half of the stuff we see on there in general, she’s leagues above some of it.

Alesha stopped the judge’s comments to slam down on the Golden Buzzer, catapulting this talented ten-year-old into the semi-finals and among the favourites in the Britain’s Got Talent odds.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other songs she’s written, and I wonder what will happen to ‘Ten’ when she turns eleven?

Right now, Giorgia is 6/1 with Betfred.

Power Couples and Pairs of Planks

Right then. We’ve seen all kinds of team auditions, once again, from tear-jerkers to heart-warmers.

We’ve had a husband and wife, married for 38 years, who recently took up dancing and surprised us with some ballroom liveliness to ‘Proud Mary’. We also had a roller-blading couple who had been dating for three months, and coincidentally had been practising their act for ‘3 months’, too.

Twitter had a lot to say about that. He was swinging her round like they’d been professionally trained for Dancing on Ice. Most people didn’t believe them, saying that they must have experience in skating or something.

Personally, I preferred watching the married couple going for it. It was genuine and very entertaining. As for the roller-bladers, we’ve seen the foot-swings-where-her-head-nearly-hits-the-ground loads of times on Dancing on Ice.

Dave and Finn

Two words. My Heart!

Dave, a police officer, had us intrigued from the start. He began with a magic trick. Yeah, we’ve had loads of magic tricks, but in this one, Finn the dog literally communicated the words to him!

David Walliams was instructed to write a word down and show only the dog whilst Dave was turned away. Dave then somehow miraculously found out from Finn that the word David had written was ‘table’.

Even more spooky was when Simon got on the stage. He opened a notebook to a random page of descriptive words which Dave’s mates had pulled together about Finn. He looked Finn straight in the eyes then peeked into the book.

The word ‘heroic’ was what Simon saw, and by some kind of magic, it turned out that Finn had had the same word engraved on his collar earlier in the day. MADNESS.

Amongst all this it surfaced that Finn had risked his life to save Dave’s while on duty together. The whole audience, even Simon, was in tears watching the VT of Finn’s recovery, and information about the law that has been passed because of him.

An inspiration and a magician. What a good boy. Dave & Finn are now firmly up amongst the favourites in the BGT betting odds at 7/1 with Ladbrokes.

Hilarious Highlights

There are some acts which make you wonder if they’re being serious or not. Both of these acts did exactly that.

Katherine and Joe

Where do I start? Katherine and Joe auditioned last year as Beauty and the Beast. You guessed it; they didn’t get through.

This year, they came back bigger and better, dressed as Frozen’s Elsa, and Sven, the reindeer. Elsa’s wig wasn’t on properly and Sven was wearing tap shoes and a onesie. It only got better from there.

Katherine sang “Let It Go” and when the chorus came around, Joe’s feet went tip-tappingly crazy. It was hilarious. With two buzzers, Simon even got up and walked out, dis-counting himself from any votes, he found it that bad.

So, with three judges to work with, they got two yeses, meaning, incredibly, they are through to the next rounds. W O W.

It’s safe to say, they are standing as massive outsiders in the Britain’s Got Talent odds at 125/1 with Betfair.

Jayson Stilwell

When Jayson started to sing, my mind didn’t know what was going on. He sang Disney’s ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, stating beforehand that he loved the lyrics and meaning behind the words.

With every line or so, he would add such an obscure noise into words, you couldn’t tell if he was taking the mick or that’s genuinely how he sings. It was like a didgeridoo.

Simon stopped him after a few lines and asked if he was ‘singing the song as Kermit the Frog’. The answer was no, with a confused look.

He carried on, and the more he did it the funnier it got. Simon gave him a yes, but only if he turns up to the next shows as Kermit. Can’t wait to see what dodgy noises he injects into his next tune!

Jayson is 100/1 to win the competition with Ladbrokes.

The Latest Britain’s Got Talent Odds

It’s always the case that the auditions are the most entertaining parts of this kind of show, and the past few weeks have proved just that. Crying, laughing and crying laughing, it’s all fun and games.

If you’ve spotted a winner or can sense potential in an outsider, take a look at the latest Britain’s Got Talent odds to see where they’re at before you back them.

Will they make it through the next stages? Will you strike while the iron’s hot or wait until the competition tightens before your BGT betting gets underway?

However you do it, the odds across the board will be re-shuffled as more wacky and wonderful acts step onto the stage, and then get filtered back out again.

Find all your Britain’s Got Talent betting odds

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