Analysing The I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Lineup

November 13, 2018

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Here we go, here we are! It’s time for everybody’s favourite reality TV show. The reality TV show where you don’t have to wait for months for the conclusion and the reality TV show where you get to see loads of minted celebrities suffer just because they want to get that bit richer.

And bloody hell, will they get richer. Harry Redknapp who probably loves money more than he loves Jamie is reportedly getting 500,000 snoots for entering the jungle this year, but you have to ask, why does Harry Redknapp, who earned £250,000 for saving Birmingham from the drop just last year, and earned millions more at Portsmouth, Tottenham, and QPR previously, need more dollar at 71? To be fair, he did a pretty good job at running clubs’ finances into the ground so maybe he’s ran his own into the ground too. Or finally started paying taxes. One of the two.

But this isn’t all about Harry Redknapp, as much he’d like it to be. So let me run you through the rest of the celebrities and relatively famous people entering the jungle this year:

Anne Hegerty

Can you believe The Chase has been on for 9 years now? Madness. Time flies when you sit around wasting your life watching daytime TV quiz shows. And though Hegarty herself joined a year after inception, she’s pretty much the most famous one on the show these days and has appeared on a number of random shows including ITV 2’s Celebrity Juice, Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, ITV’s Britain’s Brightest Family, and the Grange Theatre in Northwich’s Cinderella.

Emily Atack

“Who the hell is Emily Atack?” I bellowed at myself in the mirror this morning. Myself didn’t reply back, such was his disgust at the tone of inquiry, but he did look on Wikipedia and with one quick glance at an image, he felt awfully embarrassed – it’s Charlotte from Inbetweeners! “But which one’s Charlotte?” I hear you cry. Well, alongside Carli, she’s the worst character in the show, the one who almost has sex with Will and the one that does have sex with that French exchange student. Outside of the Inbetweeners though, Atack has been a mainstay on reality and panel shows appearing on Celebrity Juice, Dancing on Ice, Britain Unzipped, and Sunday Brunch. Coooool.

Fleur East

Runner-up in the 11th series of X Factor, Fleur East has done pretty much nothing since her debut album in 2015 and was even dropped by her record label just last year. X Factor has a proud record of gobbling up and spitting out their former contestants, and Fleur East seems to be one of many who’ve gone down that well-salivated path. Thankfully the ITV producers have taken pity on East, and maybe she can reignite her career with an eye-catching display in the jungle.

Harry Redknapp

Here he is, the big lad. ‘arry Redknapp. The whealer dealer (he loves it when you call him that). The man. The myth. The legend? Is that too far? Probably. Legendary at wrecking at football clubs though, that’s for sure. If you don’t know who Harry Redknapp is, he’s one of the most well-known English football managers out there and very nearly got the England job, but missed out because his dog was the man who filed his taxes. Something like that anyway. He also loves a Croatian midfielder called Niko Krancjar so don’t be surprised if he ends parachuting into the jungle to help out the struggling Redknapp at some point.

James McVey

The teenage crowd will be happy with this one. The Vamps, from my understanding, are basically a less-good and less-popular version of One Direction who release shit music but have loads of hardcore fans. McVey, according to Wikipedia, is the lead guitarist and backup vocals, and is second favourite to win the bloody show! To be fair, if teenagers know how to do one thing, it’s to vote on reality TV shows.

Jon Barrowman

But leaving McVey in his wake is Jon Barrowman who’s the pre-tournament favourite. Why? Who knows for sure, but he’s a very charismatic man and a very good looking chap. He’s also American (but born in Scotland), which could work for or against him depending on how pro/anti-Trump he ends up being. What’s he famous for? He was the main geezer in Torchwood when that was a thing and he also appeared in Doctor Who a few times too, plus he’s a regular on the daytime UK TV show circuit. You’d know him if you saw him, I reckon.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

MLS fans will know Dom Dwyer and many of them will be asking, just like me, “Is Malique Thompson-Dwyer related to Dom?” And the answer they will get is, “Who knows”, because it certainly doesn’t say on this internet of ours! Malique himself though is a Hollyoaks actor with a very shallow Wikipedia page (that’s why I was waffling on about Dom Dwyer at the start). Bye!

Nick Knowles 

Here he is, Nicholas Knowles. The Knowles-meister. The man from DIY SOS. The man who released that David Brent-esque solo country album which got to number 92 in the charts (that is better than Brent’s effort, who only got to a fictional 113). He is a nice man though, to give him his dues, and he does seem to be loved by the nation somewhat, plus DIY SOS is a top show, but he’s a massive outsider for the crown at 10/1 which I think is a little bit odd. Might be worth a punt.

Rita Simons

I’m going to admit it now, I had a big crush on Rita Simons when I was a youngster. I think it was because she was a little aggressive and evil. I wonder what that says about me. Hmm. Anyway, Simons was in EastEnders for 10 years until she fictionally drowned in last year’s New Years Day special, but she hasn’t appeared in much else. Maybe this will relaunch her career, who knows.

Sair Khan

Another one with a very bare Wikipedia page, Sair Khan is a regular in Coronation Street and has also appeared on a number of panel and reality TV shows like Loose Women, This Morning, Lorraine, and crap like that. She was also in Doctors once too, but I think even I’ve been in that.

And with that, we have our 10. We’ll also have a few more added to the list in between now and Sunday, Noel Edmonds is very strongly rumoured to be included, but I guess we’ll see in the next couple of days.

In the meantime though, here are your bookmakers offering the best I’m a Celebrity odds.

Have fun!

Author: Tom Mortimer

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