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February 28, 2019

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Last Sunday we had the quarterfinals of this year’s Dancing On Ice, and it was Time Tunnel week on the rink.

Oh yes, we experienced an epic nostalgia to the days of ‘Stars in their Eyes’. You know, when they walk through a door and then re-appear immediately amongst some dry ice having had a full transformation? Except this time, they were transforming to characters from by-gone eras to skate their socks off for a spot in the semi-finals.

We’ve seen a pro dropped on her head, a hint at a mid-skate smooch, some extravagant hip-thrusting and two tens this week!

The show opened with a time travel to the 18th Century, in an extravagant performance from the celebrities and the professionals. While the pro’s were giving it everything on the ice, the celebs were dressed up in ridiculous wigs and gowns, having a pie fight. If that’s not good Sunday night telly, I don’t know what is.

The Dancing on Ice betting odds have tightened up as the competition gets closer to its finale. Wes and Vanessa, once again, reigned supreme with a swashbuckling pirate performance despite a worrying fall just before the live show, and Melody was popping some fantastic angles with her ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ arm movements.

The judges’ challenge this week was jumps. Let’s see who leapt their way to the top and who took the slippery slide home, shall we?

Time Tunnel Transformations

James & Alexandra

First to enter and swiftly exit the Time Tunnel into their performance were former Strictly pro James Jordan and his partner Alexandra Schauman. Dressed as the Flintstones, and carrying that famous Fred Flintstone car, they were all set for an animated performance.

Having dropped Alexandra on her head in rehearsals while practising a complex lifting move, James’ confidence was clearly knocked. They took the move out of the final routine to ensure no slip-ups this time. Aside from a few wobbles here and there, he did pretty well, making for an enjoyable performance from the pair. This was also aided by their hilarious costumes.

James is a performer who prefers more of a serious dance over a comedy, but he put everything he had into this performance. His jump was a tuck with 2 half axels toward the end of the dance, which was decent, and he seemed desperate not to “bottle it” as he had done the week before.

On the whole, it was a fun performance, and while not as silly as the real Fred Flintstone, he did a good job. His over-the-top comical run from the ice to the stage and back again was a highlight for me.

Score: 35.5

Melody & Alexander

Up second were ex-Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton and her partner Alexander Demetriou. Her take on Cleopatra coming at yawas a strong look. Close friend Kimberly Wyatt had come to visit in rehearsals to give Melody some advice on angles for her arm movements, and it paid off.

She had the outfit, the moves and the attitude to match. After being in the skate-off last week, she was ready to come back fighting.

Melody & Alexander’s performance was filled with lifts and spins galore, and her jump was a stylised stag jump. She was also the first celebrity to attempt a neck spin this series, all the while making it look effortless.

Score: 35.5

Saara & Hamish

Coming out of the Time Tunnel dressed as a Tudor Queen was Finnish pop star Saara Alto, and her partner Hamish Gaman. This was a real test for Saara’s posture and lines, which the judges have critiqued her about in the past.

Luckily, having a corset in her costume helped make those lines work! Performing to Killer Queen, she started off her performance looking fierce but dropped her ‘killer’ look as soon as the skating begun. Basically, she couldn’t help but smile, which isn’t such a bad criticism.

The judges were mixed in their responses. Ashley reassured her she’s doing so much better week on week, but his score didn’t seem to reflect what he was saying. Chris called the performance “a little safe” and sedated.

Some viewers took their anger to Twitter, claiming that they’re fed up of Saara being under-marked week after week, as though the judges have got it in for her.

Score: 32

Brian & Alex

Next out of the Time Tunnel was Brian McFadden as 70’s Elvis, complete with wig and purple jumpsuit. His hips were definitely not shy in that outfit; between his hip thrusts and some OTT air guitar, he was in his element.

Following a dance class to perfect his posture, Brian and Alex skated to Suspicious Minds. They had lifts and a tuck jump from Brian, it’s a shame he didn’t have some blue suede skates. The performance came together really well, as Brian just went for it, showcasing some new confidence on the rink and with his moves, too.

Viewers weren’t happy that Brian scored more than Saara, claiming her performance was better than his. Chris, however, dubbed him “Brian the Brilliant”, so we couldn’t argue with that.

The best bit? When he caught a glimpse of himself and realised that he looked “like if Rylan Clark and Ray Quinn had a baby”. True, indeed.

Score: 33

Wes and Vanessa

The last pair to take to the ice from the Time tunnel were Love Island’s Wes Nelson and his pro partner Vanessa Bauer. Skating to Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’, they were pirates on the hunt. Wes was a convincing pirate before the skating started, but he seemed to lose the character a bit throughout, although his movement was still fabulous.

Wes and Vanessa have been in the public eye both on and off the ice since it kicked off with Wes’ ex Megan a few weeks ago. In Sunday night’s performance they got ever so close in one of the lifts, that speculation began that they may have even kissed mid-lift. Could this be a sign of a romance, or just having a dig at Megan?

Well, whatever happened, it seemed to work. This week they got not only their first ever 10, but two of them!

Ashley reckons they are flying ahead of the competition and even starting to pull away into a safe lead.

Score: 38.5

The Skate Battle

This was a group performance in which all of the pairs were marked individually. The lowest scoring pair would be awarded one extra point, increasing by one, up to the top-performing pair who would be awarded 5 points.

Choreographed as a Gladiator battle, they performed as a group, but each pair had their moment of glory to showcase some lifts or whatever they wanted to do.

Viewers went ape during this battle on Twitter, claiming that James had so much more time than the rest of the contestants, particularly Saara. At one point it did seem like Saara had significantly less time, but her and Hamish came back around to do a few more moves. It’s great to see so many of the public are rooting for Saara and if this is true about less airtime and the judges being against her, it’s just not fair.

The winner of the skate battle, obviously, was James. Second was Wes, followed by Melody, Brian and then Saara.

The Girls face the Skate-Off

With Wes and James safely at the top of the leader-board, it was obvious they’d have no problem skating through to next week. The skate off was always going to be between Brian, Saara and Melody.

A Westlife and Elvis-loving public boosted Brian into a safe position so he managed to scrape through into the semi-finals, despite being in second-to-last place on the leader-board before the vote opened.

This left Melody and Saara, who both enjoyed beautiful performances with their partners. When it came down to the judges’ decisions, it seemed like Melody & Alexander may have put in a few too many lifts, and by some kind of miracle after the twitter debacle, Saara & Hamish were saved by each of the four judges.

Skating into the Semi-Finals

And there we have it, the four semi-finalists, Wes & Vanessa, James & Alexandra, Brian & Alex and Saara & Hamish.

Wes remains the ultimate favourite, and in the order as they appear above, is the way the Dancing on Ice betting odds are leaning at the moment.

It’s mad to think that the 20-year-old could transform from a silly dancer in the Love Island villa to this level of brilliant in a short space of time.

Wes & Vanessa have hovered around the favourite position from the outset and have managed to sustain respectable positions on the leader-board throughout. The judges’ comments this week gave us only further confirmation that this pair will most definitely make it to the final, if not win the whole competition.

James & Alexandra are a close second at this stage, and it’s clear why. They’re good skaters! His previous dancing expertise obviously will have helped him in places where others have struggled, but he’s had to adjust to skates just like the rest of them. The question is, will there be more Love Island or Strictly Come Dancing fans voting?

As much as I love Brian, I’m stunned he beat Melody through this week. The Semi-finals might be his last venture onto the ice so hopefully, he can deliver next week, and who knows, he might surprise us and make it to the final. Obviously, he’s almost in direct competition with Saara at this point, who is the outsider in the Dancing on Ice odds after this week.

Two more weeks and then it’s all over!

Tune into ITV next week to see if the Dancing on Ice odds have correctly predicted who will make it to the 2019 final.

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