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Boris Johnson Odds On To Asset Strip The UK

Now is time to experience the thrill of the Tory leadership contest, where there is no winner, whoever becomes victorious following July’s vote

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Which Monstrosity Is Leading The Next Prime Minister Betting Odds?

A whole host of ‘characters’ have put their bellring in the hat, but who’s leading?

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Local Election Results Only Add Further Layer of Confusion

You can look at any results, surveys and statements, and turn them into an event that supports your very own prejudices and preferences.

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UK Ready For Amputation Procedure As Brexit Options Diminish

There is plenty wrong with the European Union, and much of that will never be solved regardless of Britain’s membership or otherwise.

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Everything And Nothing Changing As Brexit Deadline Looms

We’re about to hit the 1st of 3 pointless deadlines, which barring any success from May (let’s rule this out to save time), will deliver more stagnation

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