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Bandy’s origins are keenly debated by historians of the sport. Some believe Bandy was founded in England in the mid-19th century, though the Russians fiercely contest this theory and believe they invented the sport in which they dub, “Russian hockey.” However, one thing that cannot be debated is that bandy was the precursor to the now much more popular sport of ice hockey.

And though ice hockey now boasts professional leagues all over the world, bandy, by contrast, does not. Only Russia and Sweden support professional bandy leagues – the Swedish Elitserien and the Russian Super League – and the Bandy World Cup, which claims to feature clubs from around the world, plays host to just four nations, and the clubs from Norway and Finland don’t fair all that well at all. There used to be a Champions Cup too, similar to the football Champions League, but that was ditched in 2015.

The annual international Bandy World Championships, though, are a little bit more keenly contested. Sweden and Russia maintain the dominant force, but Finland and Kazakhstan aren’t all that far behind, while the USA have also been improving considerably in recent years.

2016 was the last time the Russia – Sweden dominance was broken after Finland put in a huge performance against Sweden in the semifinals to take a shocking 3-2 win. In the final they were soundly beaten by Russia, but the following year they ran Russia much closer losing 6-4 to the champs. In 2018, Kazakhstan were nearly the ones to pull off a shock after they went down 5-4 to Sweden in the semifinals.

Unfortunately though, in the women’s game, the gap between Russia and Sweden is gigantic and in the 14-year history of the Women’s World Championship, never has a nation but Sweden or Russia appeared in the final.

When it comes to betting, there’s a whole host of bookmakers who offer Bandy betting odds, as you can see below, and the type of bets you’ll usually find on there are Full-Time bets, Draw No Bet, and Double Chance. The leagues that feature are just the Swedish and the Russian leagues, however, when the World Cup and World Championship is on, you’ll certainly find odds for them too!


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