Battle is Over, it’s Time for the Knockouts in The Voice!

March 14, 2019

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The blind auditions have been and gone, the battles have been won by some, and lost by others. The victorious acts must now prove their worth to their coach in the Knockouts. The Voice 2019 odds have been shaken up once again as the competition has been halved, leaving the best voices in each of the coaches’ teams to sing for their spot in the live semi-finals.

While many viewers would argue that the blind auditions are the best bit, for the artists, this stage in the competition might be make-or-break. They have made it so far, but for some of them, this may be as far as they go.

Over the next few weekends, we will see the Knockouts unfold. Looking at how the Knockouts were structured last year, it’s likely we’ll have two weeks of them with each coach taking two of their acts into the live semi-finals.

Unsure of a winner but trust a particular judge? The Voice betting odds are favouring JHud at 23/18 with Betfair at the moment, and you’ll soon see why.

What are the Knockouts?

This round pretty much does what it says on the tin. The now smaller teams need to be made even smaller, creating the series’ semi-finalists. How better to do this than to make them sing like their lives depend on it?

Each of the remaining acts will perform a ‘killer song’ which they will have had training and guidance from both their coach and a special guest.

Jennifer will be joined by Years & Years’ Olly Alexander and Olly Murs is joined by Anne-Marie. Sir Tom is bringing James Arthur on board, and Will is going to be joined by Nicole Scherzinger. I’m sure they’ll come up with some exciting arrangements with these guys on board.

The guest coaches will help the four coaches to make their decisions at the Knockouts.

Once the knockouts are complete, the live shows will begin.

Who is Through to The Voice UK Knockouts?

First, here’s a round-up of everyone who made it out the other end of the battles.

Sir Tom Jones

Team Tom now consists of my favourite, Cedric Neal and the soulful gospel god Roger Samuels.

Equip to Overcome are Tom’s only trio, after they won the battle against the beat-boxing-opera-singing Marina. Of course, Twitter went into uproar about Marina’s brutal exit, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s really difficult putting a solo act against a trio. Marina put up a good strong fight, and was brilliant, but Tom was mesmerised by the harmonising, and after an agonising decision, sent her packing.

Deana had it tough in the battles, up against Peter Donegan, whose Dad was friends with Tom Jones. Thankfully for us but sadly for Tom, he had to follow his head not his heart, bringing Deana a step closer to the live shows. Some even more good news for Deana is that she’s sitting in the third favourite position in The Voice UK odds as the Knockouts loom. She has got a unique fashion sense, but her voice is angelic, and after all, the latter is the name of the game.

Sir Tom has also got Bethzienna Williams who he stole from JHud, and Ayanam Udoma, who stormed through the battles singing Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

JHud Productions

Jennifer brings three of the favourites in The Voice betting odds to the Knockouts, which explains why she’s tipped to be the winning coach! Team JHud productions includes country trio Remember Monday and five strong female voices. Keeping true to the girl power, she’s bringing a tribe of great artists to the next stage of the competition.

Nicole Dennis is currently the favourite to win in The Voice odds at 5/2 with Betfred. She is currently an understudy in the West End for the same character Jennifer played in Dreamgirls, so when the pair of them duetted on-stage after Nicole’s blind audition, we knew there was a strong connection between the two.

She was up against opera trained Luke Swatman in the battles, and they sang Elton John’s Your Song. Both of them were brilliant, it was a shame there were no steals left for Luke to have stood a second chance in the competition.

Anyway, back to Team JHud. There’s Bukky Oronti and Moya who survived the battles, as well as super-cool mum Sarah Tucker, who has her two super-cute kids rooting for her. JHud stole Connie Lamb from Olly in the battles to save her going home after a defeat from Molly Hocking.

Will has six diverse acts joining him in the knockout rounds. If you’ve read my previous updates, you’ll know I’m not a fan of NXTGEN nor Ilianna. So, if my personal preference is anything to go by, I am assuming they won’t make the semis.

Emmanuel Smith and Gabriel Dryss both came out of the battles smiling. Emmanuel is a hopeful 6th favourite in The Voice 2019 betting odds at 9/1 with Unibet after an incredible battle against Khadija with Alicia Keys’ ‘Fallin’. A very tough decision from Will brought Emmanuel forward in the competition so he needs to keep it up to make it through the Knockouts!

Former flight attendant Christina Ellinas from Liverpool is a right character, with some good lungs on her. She is fiery and has a strong voice which could take her all the way. She came out fighting in her battle and I highly doubt she’ll back down anytime soon.

Callum Butterworth was a steal from Olly after he faced going home. Luckily, Will stepped in at the last minute and brought Callum onto his team. He seems quite timid on-stage, so we’ll see if Will can give him a shake and bring out the best in him for the Knockouts.

Olly Murs

Make way for Team Olly – he’s very confident with his team this year and reckons they’re much stronger than his team last year. But which of them will survive the knockouts?

Eva Campbell beat Callum Butterworth in their battle, with a bit more oomph and stage presence. I mean, her voice is pretty amazing, too. Molly has been one of Olly’s favourites since her blind audition, and she’s hovering around some of the top favourites at 6/1 with Ladbrokes as we head towards the knockouts.

Georgia Bray deserves big appreciation after beating The Flat Pack in the battles, despite having a song that was very suited to them. She was one of just a few to beat a trio in the battles, and she means business.

Stefan Mahendra and Harrisen Larner-Main are both safely in Olly’s team for the Knockouts, but Olly has also got Jimmy Balito. He stole Jimmy from Sir Tom after he was beaten in his battle.

In my opinion, the girls are looking stronger than the boys in Olly’s team at the moment. I’ve got a feeling Mr Murs will be taking girls into the live shows.

A Star for Each Coach?

A quickfire round-up of my two favourites for each coach:

Sir Tom Jones: Cedric & Deana

JHud Productions: Nicole & Moya

Team Will: Christina & Emmanuel

Team Olly: Georgia & Molly

Let’s sit tight and see how many of my – perhaps wishful – selections will bag a spot in the live shows.

Bet on The Voice

Whatever your feelings on the best and the worst, the winner and those who need go to, you can bring your thoughts to life with a punt on The Voice odds.

In the grand scheme of things, there isn’t much further to go in the competition so if you want to bet on The Voice UK, you will need to do it in the next few weeks.

Remember, you can bet on your favourite act, or even your favourite coach to win the competition. Check out the latest The Voice betting odds and back your winners.

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