The bookmakers offering the best 2018 Big Brother odds

Dry your eyes, mate. I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up. There’s plenty more shows on TV.

20 series, 15 presenters, 11 awards, 5 editions, 2 channels, and 1 unmistakeable voice; Big Brother is finally retiring from our screens this winter after more than 18 years spent entertaining our pretty little minds.

But don’t despair, just remember the good times! “Nasty” Nick Bateman from Series 1, when Jade Goody showed her “kebab” to the nation in 2002, Nadia Almada’s spectacular win in 2004, the eccentric love affair between Pete Bennett and Nikki Grahame from Series 6, Alexandra De-Gale threatening her housemates in Big Brother 9. But things can’t last forever, even Coronation Street will come to an end one day (maybe).

And we’ve had our money’s worth. According to the stats, Big Brother is actually the second longest running reality TV show of all time just losing out to Norway’s 71 grader nord which began in 1999 and still continues today.

But you know what, I reckon Big Brother will come back in a similar guise someday – so many shows do. And maybe it does need a little bit of a rest. 18 years is a very, very long time in television, and with so much reality TV currently on our box, maybe a break from the limelight will reinvigorate this ageing show.

Since moving to Channel 5 from 4, the viewing figures have dropped significantly and they continue to wane 7 years later. 2007 was the first time the viewing figures dropped below 4 million, but last year, over a decade on, just 1.2 million people tuned in.

Big Brother has almost become like an ageing dog nearing the end of its life. It’s sad to see it go, but we shouldn’t let it suffer any longer. It’s had a good life, but it’s now just time to say goodbye.

No, hey, save those tears for the finale on November 5th! Because in the meantime you’ve got some betting to do!

Dry your eyes, mate, I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts, but you’ve got to walk away now.  It’s over.

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