The bookmakers offering the best Boat Race betting odds

Here they are. The same lads and lasses have qualified for the final again, for the 165th straight year (73rd for the women’s), Oxford and Cambridge, getting ready to do battle once more on the waves of the Thames.

Before we get on to the Boat Race betting stuff, I just want to talk about how much of a sorry sight the other Universities must be; not one upset has occurred in the early knockout rounds ever since the Boat Race’s inception way back in 1829.

They really are doing something wrong, that’s for sure. Maybe they need an injection of cash, a Roman Abramovich type figure to come in and sign the best rowers from around the world. Sure you’ll get the purists saying they’ve bought the cup, like critics of Man City do now, but at least it will make a little bit more competitive, eh?

And to these cynics who claim that there are no knockout rounds, I say what proof do you have? Where is your evidence? Are you certain in your protestations? Or is this another one of your sly tricks?

Every final has a knockout round system. If no other side enters such tournament that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to enter, it’s that they know already that they will be defeated by the unstoppable Oxbridge force.

How would you, Nottingham University, even dare try to compete with 83-time winners Cambridge? And you Loughborough, how could you claim to know more about the Thames than 80-time winners Oxford? You can’t, not without your very own Roman Abramovich.

So back off cynics, this is Oxford and Cambridge’s time. Boy do they get enough grief as it is, can’t we just let them have this one all on their own? Yes, yes we can.

So when it comes to Boat Race betting, what exactly can you bet on? Well, there’s actually loads of stuff, surprisingly, like, ‘either boat to sink’ (the last time it happened was in ’78, though Cambridge women came close in 2016), ‘dead heat’ (there’s been just one in history), ‘to win by lengths’, ‘first to milepost’, ‘to break course record’, and loads more too.

And which bookmakers are offering the best Boat Race betting odds right now?

Well, those ones in the table below, of course.

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