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May 23, 2019

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It’s very unlikely to see a Preakness Stakes competition missing the Kentucky Derby winners this year. The latest edition of the Preakness Stakes this year will take place at Pimlico Park in Baltimore, Maryland. As you may have heard in the news, the Kentucky Derby competition that was held last May 04, 2019 created its controversial result through the history for the first time.

Maximum Security was first announced as the 2019 Kentucky Derby winner; however, he was dethroned a few minutes after because of bumping at the pole incident. That’s why Country House which was the second finisher took the crown from him and was declared as the Kentucky Derby winner this year. Maximum Security trainer Jason Servis was disappointed with the result that’s why he decided not to run for Preakness anymore.

On the other hand, Country House will not also be joining this year’s Preakness Stakes because according to his trainer, he got sick after the competition and might need quite some time to recover. A lot of horse racing fans are disappointed as they might not be able to witness a rematch between these two horse racers in the upcoming Preakness Stakes. Although we are not going to see these two colts and there will be no Triple Crown winner this year, the Preakness Stakes organization is still making it possible to showcase an incredible horse racing showdown.

That said, as Gary West, Maximum Security trainer had told NBC that he will not join the Preakness this year, this is not the case for Bob Baffert. This Hall of Famer Trainer had sent three entries in the Kentucky Derby which he still retained to head on to Pimlico Park. Baffert believes that his entries will still be able to outshine other horse racers in the Preakness field because they were also great finishers in the Kentucky Derby.

Hence, as the Preakness tournament comes to its nearing date, let’s take a look at to this contender information of these three-horse racers that Bob Baffert will be sending for the “Run for the Black-Eyed Susans”. This will complete the set of horses for the betting games on May 18, 2019.


After he placed fifth later fourth after Country House’s disqualification in the recent Kentucky Derby, Improbable was sent right away by Bob Baffert to training so he is fully conditioned for the Preakness Stakes. Baffert considers Improbable as his toughest contender this year and believes that he will be the biggest superstar in Pimlico Park.

In line with Improbable preparation, he undergoes a spirited lap jog ridden by a jockey named Humberto Gomez. During his training, the President of Winstar Farm Elliot Warden was watching him training. He makes sure that Improbable will be able to do excellently in his training so they can make it big for the Preakness.

It seems that Bob Baffert is not affected by the recent result of the Kentucky Derby and even determined to head onto the Preakness Stakes. He has high hopes for Improbable has he had finished incredibly in the Kentucky Derby, his trainer added.

Game Winner

In the first quarter of this year, Game Winner had earned so much buzz in the horse racing community earning high favorites to win the Kentucky Derby crown. As the derby comes near, his fate had changed and odds are starting to lower down making a way for other horse racers to be on top. In that sense, he placed 5th in the recent Kentucky Derby which took place last May 4, 2019, in Churchill Downs, Kentucky.

Although he comes out to be not the strongest Kentucky Derby contender, Bob Baffert prepares him to run for the Preakness Stakes. Along with his stablemate Improbable, Game Winner was sent right away for training to prepare for the Pimlico Park racing show. As of the moment, Game Winner holds a wagering odds of 5/1 and he more likely to be one of the horse runners to bet for the Preakness Stakes.

Lastly, according to his trainer Bob Baffert, Game Winner will still be a sure bet for Preakness. He’s another horse racer to watch out for as he will really put up a good fight on May 18. Bob Baffert is a Hall of Famer Trainer who is part of the largest numbers of horse racing winners in the entire history of horse racing showdown.


The last colt entry of Bob Baffert to the Preakness Stakes is Roaster. Though he had placed 15th in the recent Kentucky Derby, his trainer believes the Roadster has more to offer. This is the main reason that he decided to sent Roadster to the Preakness Stakes completing his line-up in the “Run for Blacked-Eyed Susans”.

With Improbable, Game Winner, and Roadster on the final list of Preakness Stakes runners, surely this years edition of the said horse racing showdown will still be exciting like it’s an old season.

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