Britain’s Got Talent 2019: A Magical First Two Weeks

April 15, 2019

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It’s back! I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to just see Ant and Dec back together again, no matter what show they’re on. Britain’s Got Talent, however, is a melting pot of both actual talent and full-blown ridiculousness. It’s always either a laugh, a cringe or a tear a minute. Classic Saturday night telly.

From the show which brought Lost Voice Guy, Diversity, and the laughable DJ Talent to our living rooms, there is plenty more to come this year.

Two weeks of auditions have passed so far. It’s been shocking and awe-inducing at times, make-you-cry-with-joy at others, and crying laughing at the rest.  I bring to you some highlights of these first few auditions, and we can see how they are settling into the Britain’s Got Talent betting odds – yes, already!

First of all, can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that the one and only Susan Boyle herself showed up at some of the auditions in Scotland?! She opened up the second week on our screens singing the song which shot her to fame, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. She’s looking very well, too – about 15 years younger! This was in stark contrast to some obscure impersonator of the Queen who opened up in the first week by ripping into the judges. One was not too amused by that, to be honest.

Let’s get on to the actual ‘talent’ then, shall we?


In a short period of time, we have seen quite a few magicians and tricks. Some brilliant, some unsettling.

Elizabeth the Haunting

Blimey. When you switch on the telly at primetime on a Saturday you expect something light-hearted, not a haunting from beneath a stage in a theatre. Not for the faint hearted, this one. She walked on to the stage telling us she wanted ‘to make the impossible, possible’. Elizabeth handed Amanda a journal and took her down beneath the stage. Long story short, Amanda had a connection with a photo of a woman who died over 100 years ago, which was linked to a page in the journal.

Amanda was directed to look over her shoulder, and the woman’s name whose picture she had chosen was written on the wall. Elizabeth then turned into the woman from the picture and grabbed Amanda. It was terrifying. The woman then led Amanda back to the stage, switching back to Elizabeth as they came back out. MADNESS.

Elizabeth is sitting around the middle of the BGT odds at the moment. Some people are probably still trying to get over the fright, but the real intrigue is what – or whom – she will bring to us next time.

The Mysterious ‘X’

Not much of a talker backstage, neither Ant and Dec, nor Simon, managed to get any conversation out of this masked magician, who is known simply as ‘X’. The aim was to prove a point about how in a world where we are digitally connected, we are becoming more disconnected as humans. X invited Ant and Dec on stage to show the power of some connections. It’s a pretty cool topic, to be fair.

Anyway, Ant and Dec, or Dec and Ant, in the order they were sat, had to raise their hand whenever they felt a touch. X only touched Ant throughout the whole thing, yet Dec felt it too, showing with a raise of hands. The weirdest thing was when it transpired that when asked to draw something with their eyes closed, they’d both done pretty much the same thing!

Who knows if the lads were in on it, but – WOW – it was freaky. Let’s see if X can prove the connection between another two people in the next round.

The Vardanyan Brothers

We’ve also had a pair of sword-acrobats, the Vardanyan Brothers. Not only did one of them manage to balance the other one on top of him, they each had a sword in their mouths, with the tips meeting in the air. The guy on top was balancing on a sword, on a sword, on someone’s face. WITH NO HANDS. Tension was unbearable, especially after they failed at the first attempt. Staged or not, it was nerve-racking as hell.

Fair play to them, they got through, but what on earth are they going to do next?! They’ll need something to make us have to peek through our hands over our faces if they want to jump up to the favourites in the Britain’s Got Talent betting markets.

Less Magic, More Magical Moments

Aside from all these mysterious goings on, we’ve already had not one but two Golden Buzzers! If you’re not familiar with them, a Golden Buzzer gives an act an automatic place in the semi-finals, because they’re just that good.

Flakefleet Primary School

Usually, when you see a group of little kids come onto stage, you think ‘hmmm’. This lot were different.

One of the school kids in assembly said that she wanted to go on Britain’s Got Talent, and they made it. What followed was something else. It started with five kids from the school’s choir on stage, with their head-teacher conducting, singing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. The rest of them, maybe 30 or so, started coming onto stage, dancing, singing, sporting masks of the judges, and dressed up as all-sorts.

One hundred percent sheer fun. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. The head-teacher was in tears, the kids were in tears, David was in tears. Happy tears, of course. It was brilliant, like what every kid would want to be getting up to in primary school, coming to life.

A highlight was two wheelie bins coming out with kids in Ant and Dec masks in – ‘Dec’ was so small he couldn’t even see out the top of the bin. Brilliant.

It’s no wonder they got the first Golden Buzzer of the season, from David himself, who then went on stage and lifted the tiny ‘Dec’ out of the bin.

The emotion wasn’t over then. One of the kids ran up to Ant afterwards and told him she’d missed him. Well, if you weren’t bawling before-hand, you were bawling after.

It goes without saying that this joyous bunch are flying high up in the BGT odds, and if the public’s reaction is anything to go by, they are likely to stay high throughout. We’ll see what brilliance they can bring back for the semi-finals.

Kojo Anim

Kojo came onto the stage looking for his big break. He’s been in the comedy business for 20 years, encouraging young comedians and opening up for the bigger ones. His partner told him to do something for himself, and he most definitely did.

He had such great stage presence and the audience’s response only fuelled his confidence, bringing us a genuinely funny set about the struggles of being broke. Claiming he has “no jokes, only circumstances”, he recounted some very funny ‘circumstances’ which the crowd and the judges loved.

Receiving a standing ovation at the end, he was overcome with emotion. Simon did his classic line of “I don’t really like comedians on this show…but I loved you” and went up to give him a hug after slamming down on the Golden Buzzer.

Bless Kojo, he looked so genuinely shocked. He’ll be even more shocked to know that after his brilliant act on Saturday, he’s currently sitting as the favourite to win in the Britain’s Got Talent odds.

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Among all of the breath-taking stuff, we’ve also had an all-singing-all-dancing drag comedian, a guy who could make his hands fart some famous songs and a ventriloquist.

Keep an eye out also for Gonzo, a fella who did some obscure dancing and, again playing some familiar songs, he was armed with a tambourine. Best of all was the fact that he said his inspiration was Susan Boyle. How? No idea, but he was great.

All of the above made it through and have taken their positions within the Britain’s Got Talent odds. It might be too soon to call a winner, but the bookies have spoken and the BGT odds market will continue to grow each week as more acts progress, and more Golden Buzzers get hit!

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