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March 7, 2019

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It’s almost time to bid farewell to ‘the greatest show on ice’ as we hurtle head first into the Dancing on Ice 2019 final. It’s been a jam-packed season, with plenty of drama on and off the ice.

With former DOI three-time champion Dan Whiston at the choreography helm, we’ve witnessed some of the best professional routines in the history of the programme.

The show has also embraced ‘Strictly Come Dancing-style’ themes, to add to the fun and difficulty of the weekly judges’ challenges.

We’ve had Grease legends, fairytale performances, Halloween horrors, killer queens and even the King of Rock and Roll.

There’ve been splits, axels, jumps, twists and turns. The celebrities have endured headbangers and banged heads, bruised bones and broken hearts. In short, it’s had everything you could ask for from reality TV.

It’s hard to choose just one routine or event as our favourite of the season, so here are a couple for you to choose from.

Our standout moments include:

  • Gemma Collins and Matt Evers going all Beyoncé on us in their opening routine
  • Melody pulling off the first celebrity female headbanger of the series
  • Wes and Vanessa’s saucy salsa
  • 67-year-old Grease star Didi Conn doing press ups on ice!
  • James Jordan achieving a perfect 80 score across his two semi-final dances

It’s been a wild ride, but it all comes down to these last few performances.

Before we take a look at the three finalists, let’s take a moment to look back at those who fell by the wayside, in order of elimination:

  • Neighbours star Mark Little and Brianne Delcourt
  • Actor, performer and TV personality Richard Blackwood and Carlotta Edwards
  • Grease Legend Didi Conn and Lukasz Rozycki
  • Loose Women’s Saira Khan and Mark Hanretty
  • TOWIE’S Gemma Collins and Matt Evers
  • Double elimination – Cricketer Ryan Sidebottom and Brandee Malto / Coronation Street’s Jane Danson and Sylvain Longchambon
  • The Pussycat Dolls’ Melody Thornton and Alexander Demetriou
  • Westlife’s Brian McFadden and Alex Murphy

Brian & Alex

Brian and Alex literally fell at the last hurdle, giving the judges no choice but to send the pair home.

However, from where the ex-Westlife singer started, reaching the semi-final was a huge achievement.

The cheeky Irishman began his DOI journey by falling flat on his face when he first met Torvill and Dean, a moment he hilariously described as ‘up there with my two divorces!’.

Yet his natural charm and performance background meant that Brian was able to pull out increasingly ambitious routines which were bursting with character.

Despite a painful shoulder injury which restricted his lifts and movement early in the competition, Brian rose to the challenge. He formed a fantastic partnership with Alex, and the two always seemed to be having more fun than anyone else.

Whilst he was never quite ‘flying without wings’ the former boybander definitely reached new heights in terms of his dancing ability.

The journey may be over for Brian and Alex, but they can take comfort in the fact that they provided us with hours of quality entertainment.

Now, however, it’s all about the final three.

Dancing on Ice Betting Odds – The Finalists

James Jordan

The bookies favourite ahead of the final is former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer James Jordan.

Paired with Alexandra Schauman, Jordan has delivered increasingly impressive routines, but was just behind Wes Nelson in the Dancing on Ice odds most weeks.

That changed when the 40-year-old notched up not one, but two, perfect scores for his routines on Sunday.

Despite battling through the pain of a hernia, Jordan pulled out all the stops, turning the rink gold with two perfect 40s, the first for his solo skating and the second for a Dirty Dancing homage.

However, based on social media engagement, the viewing public are divided between those who love watching him perform and those who feel he has an unfair advantage.

The basic argument is between skating and dancing being different disciplines, and the perspective that says that, even taking that into account, it is still a dance competition, albeit on a different surface than he’s used to.

Dancers and choreographers Ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner make up half of the judging panel. This means that up to half of the marks are allocated to dance and performance, with only Torvill and Dean qualified to judge the skating.

Whichever camp you’re in, you can’t deny he’s shown full commitment to the programme.

Recently viewers have also seen a softer side of the often-opinionated dancer and TV personality, particularly when talking about his wife and fellow former strictly pro, Ola Jordan.

Will it be enough to see him clinch the glitterball? – sorry, wrong show!

James Jordan may be just too good for Wes to beat, or he may yet be a victim of his own success, we honestly can’t call it!

Wes Nelson

Jordan’s only real competition (sorry Saara) comes in the form of 20-year-old Love Island alum Wes Nelson.

Wes is the novice to James’ pro, the raw pace and power to Jordan’s honed technique and finesse.

Combine the two and you’d probably have Dancing on Ice’s greatest ever contestant.

Wes was the first to achieve a 10, scoring two of them for his and Vanessa’s swashbuckling skate through the time tunnel in the quarter-finals.

He also has an army of loyal Love Island fans who would probably have voted for him even if he couldn’t skate.

The fact that he is undeniably talented and seems to have settled down since his much-publicised spats with some of the pro skaters can only help his cause.

However, some of Wes’ tricks show more bravery and enthusiasm than actual skill. He’s still rough around the edges, and Vanessa has been criticised for trying to cram too much choreography into their routines, rather than helping Wes to polish a few standout moves.

Who wins Dancing on Ice will come down to whether the public want to see the novice prevail, or give the ex-pro what may well be his last competitive trophy.

If Vanessa has listened to the judges’ critiques, we’ll see a romantic and more refined Wes in the final. Their highest scores have come when the panel has seen a connection between the pair, and the performance hasn’t been all about how many stunts they could fit in.

But who are we to judge? Let’s not forget, Vanessa Bauer is the reigning champion, she knows how to win.

Saara Aalto

The third finalist, is X Factor runner-up and one-time Eurovision contender Saara Aalto.

She may be the last woman standing – having beaten one-time favourite Melody Thornton in the quarter-final skate-off – but she is definitely the outsider when it comes to the Dancing on Ice betting odds.

DOI has been something of a rollercoaster for the Finnish songstress, she’s won praise from the judges for her death-defying lifts and stunts with pro partner Hamish Gaman, not least balancing on the British pairs skater’s neck!

However, her public support just doesn’t stack up to that for James and Wes.

She arguably only made the final due to Brian’s skate-off stumble, yet she’s capable of greatness – the pair’s second semi-final performance of Defying Gravity was an absolute delight.

Nicknamed ‘Team No Fear’ Saara and Hamish were accused of playing it safe in the quarter-finals, but you can bet they won’t make that mistake in the final battle.

We don’t think Saara can overcome the odds but, then again, stranger things have happened!

The Final Countdown

There’s still time to bet on Dancing on Ice. James Jordan might be the current favourite, but, unlike some previous seasons, this finale is definitely a two-horse race.

One wrong move from either James or Wes and the other will be victorious.

Having been in the skate-off repeatedly over the last couple of weeks, it seems unlikely that Saara will beat the boys, but perhaps she and Hamish still have some more magic up their sleeves?

As the top two have fluctuated throughout the series, you may have already seen a return on your investment.

For example, if you backed Saara to be the last of the female contestants, rather than Melody, you may well have achieved a nice little payday!

Still, the smart money says it’s between James and Wes.

Neither has been anywhere near the skate-offs, and both have fans among the viewers and the judges, but they can’t both be victorious.

These two will put everything they have into their final performances
, and the public will make the ultimate decision.

Whatever happens, we’re expecting one hell of a show!

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