Everything And Nothing Changing As Brexit Deadline Looms

March 12, 2019

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When Theresa May gambled her chance in 2017’s election, she managed to deliver the worst kind of fudged result which has since defined her leadership, in style, circumstance and precedent. She told anyone who would listen that, ‘nothing has changed,’ which was not true – she had simultaneously dug in for combat at the same time as scuttling her fleet.

The problem for May was that this meant that she was now relying on her charm to effect change. For a woman who only cares about chucking people out of the country regardless of the effects, her charm is unsurprisingly null.

Moving to the current Brexit negotiations, we hit the first of three pointless deadlines, which barring any great success from May (let’s rule this out now and save everyone time), will deliver more stagnation.

The meaningful vote, should it go ahead, will result in another defeat, creating a sense of schadenfreude in observers only matched by those who saw Kenny Dalglish’s second time around in charge of Liverpool. The only thing that matters is the degree of defeat. If it is under 100, then we can expect to fling more and more meaningless guff into the ether in an attempt to wear down her party’s resolve and inflame panic across Parliament. More, and we will get the same but with more Tory wailing.

Whether it fails by 100 or more, the next vote to come will be for the current shower of politician to decide if we embrace No Deal or not. The only people determinedly interested in such a scenario are the European Research Group, who have two aims in life. The first is to make sure that Britain has as few regulations regarding capital and work as possible, in order to maximise their potential to financialise everything. The second is to prove that no amount of wealth and expensive education can reliably develop intelligence or altruism. They are as mean-spirited as they are immeasurably dense.

Assuming we reject a No Deal process, because the vice Anglaise does not extend outside the bedroom, we then move on Thursday on a vote to extend Article 50 or not. That should pass, forcing May to ask the European Union for more time to do nothing constructive. The problems start to mount at this point. There is more uncertainty, damaging business. There is legislative paralysis, which is a net positive when there is a Conservative party set on destroying the country as much as it can get away with. There is no chance of agreement, because the same MPs will come back to the same intransigent leader, with the same demands of the EU which can’t be met.

When Theresa May comes back from Strasbourg and announces her special deal on the backstop, a unilateral interpretation of bilateral agreement, she is lying to our faces and to those she works with. For the average person, we know she is bullshitting and it has become expected, tedious, and maddening. For the average politician, they have a different calculation to make today. A woman who once proclaimed nothing has changed is now going to say that everything has changed. Her party know that is not true, but it might benefit them to go along with her, telling the world that blue is now black.

At this point, after all the lies, obfuscation and deliberate time-wasting, it might be the first time at which the political class is not merely spinning, but is now operating on an entirely new plane of reality. The only similar realm of existence where the truth and reality can so confidently be denied is amongst football managers. The truth has become so utterly divorced from the process of Brexit that there is no longer any constructive path forward until those in charge are replaced.

Such damage done to a country, with job losses and the negation of much of its future and potential, would usually engender resentment and no little panic in a country. Britain is a divided country that can’t afford to screw over its vulnerable already at breaking point, and that can’t give its ruling party an excuse to enfeeble services and infrastructure any longer. But it will.

There is, somehow, no panic, because we have discovered that if something is signposted as obvious and inevitable for so long, this is a supine country that just accepts its fate. With Brexit’s deadline looming, the PM and the majority of Britain has decided it would simply ask if we could do this bit again, forever.

See you in April!

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Author: Alex Netherton

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