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Floorball only originated in the 1970’s and though it may not be one of the most popular sports in the world, it’s certainly one of the most exciting to watch.

Like a mix between ice hockey and field hockey, floorball was initially just a sport played recreationally at schools in the western world until the Swedish formally organised is at an official sport in the late 70’s, and created a federation 16 years later.

Now the sport is played in over 80 countries and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and though it has never been a part of the Olympics, it is a part of the World Games, an international multi-sport event for sports that aren’t contested at the Games.

However, though Floorball is played in 80 countries, only two nations have professional leagues – Finland and Sweden – and the two countries dominate both the men’s and women’s game. Since the inaugural Men’s Floorball World Championships in 1996 and the Women’s Floorball World Championships a year later, only once has a country managed to break the stranglehold of the Swedish and the Finnish, and that was the Swiss back in 2005.

Overall, Sweden have 16 World Championship gold medals while Finland lag behind with five, though in the men’s game Finland have taken three of the last five titles. Whenever a tournament’s on, it’s hard to bet against the Swedes or the Finns, and in the Swedish Floorball Superliga, a similar dominance occurs too.

In the last nine years, there have only been two winners of the Swedish Superliga: Storvreta IBK and IBF Falun. It’s almost the same in Finland with Classic and SPV winning six of the last seven Salibandyliiga titles. Maybe Floorball is only meant to be a two-team competition?

But it’s not just the Finnish and Swedish league where you can find Floorball betting odds, though, there are also markets open for the Czech Superliga, the Danish Uniho Ligaen, the Norweigan Eliteserien, the Swiss Mobiliar League, and more?

And where you can find all these Floorball betting odds?

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