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April 12, 2019

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It’s Game of Thrones time! Nearly eight years ago to the day, we were told that ‘Winter Is Coming’. Sixty-seven episodes later, the ice cold conditions have finally arrived and they have brought with them an army of the dead, led by the Night’s King. 

The wall has fallen and just like the White Walker’s army, a flurry of betting markets have poured into Westeros. Fans across the globe have been waiting for this moment for nearly a year now, and the anticipation is simply unprecedented in TV history.

Are you a bold predictor of the show’s events? Think you can put two and two together to guess the eventual ending? Or do you just simply have a certain superstition about future events? See if any of the markets below tickle your fancy.

Ruler of Westeros

The big prediction. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? It is a question that has dominated the show’s narrative from the opening episode, up to the current day. Cersei Lannister is the current Queen of the Seven Kingdoms but many are predicting for her to fall this season. So, who is looking likely to occupy the seat when the post-credits begin?

Take a look below to discover some of the frontrunners.

Bran Stark – 4/5 with BoyleSports

Leading the odds by some distance is not Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen or Cersei Lannister, it’s Brandon Stark. But wait, hear us out. There are many prominent fan theories behind why the Three Eyed Raven could eventually sit on the throne, the main reason stemming from Bran’s ability to time travel.

We have seen the extend of powers that Bran possesses already, to which he has gone back in time to witness certain events take place. He was told that the ‘past is already written’ and that the ‘ink is dry’, but the Stark boy has the potential to change a sequence of events that have already happened.

Many believe that Bran will go back in time in an attempt of saving Westeros, but he gets stuck in either the Mad King or Night King’s body. The former, in particular, is an intriguing one, as Aerys Targaryen is already on the throne. A confusing plot twist no doubt, but it is one that fans of the show have been drawn towards. Betting was once suspended on Bran ruling Westeros.

Jon Snow – 7/2 with 888 Sport

As Samwell Tarly revealed to us all, Jon Snow is actually the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. In the previous season of the show, it was discovered that Jon, once thought to be Eddard’s bastard, is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The two consummated their love in a secret marriage, thus providing the ex-Lord Commander with the biggest claim to the throne across the whole Seven Kingdoms.

It would certainly be some journey too, going from being a ‘bastard boy’ all the way to sitting on the Iron Throne. However, is this where his heart desires? As we have seen, Snow’s attention is heavily drawn towards the army marching South and unlike Cersei, he has no current care for who sits in control. He only cares about fighting for the living.

Should the living prevail in this war, the possibility of Jon ruling the Seven Kingdoms could become a possibility, should he decide to go South. We have, however, rarely see the Northern born in Kings Landing, purely because there is nothing there for him. Does he care about ruling? He may be good at it, but many are questioning his desire to possess such a responsibility.

Daenerys Targaryen – 9/1 with Unibet

Will Game of Thrones have its happily ever after? History tells us no. However, if this plot twist were to happen, it would surely mean that the show would end with Daenerys Targaryen sitting on the throne. It has been her only wish throughout the series, with fans following the Mad King’s daughter’s journey from nothing, to her reputable position as the Mother of Dragons.

These creatures will certainly have a part to play if she is to capture control, as each dragon holds more firepower (see what we did there?) than 10,000 men. She has the army, a claim to the throne and two bloody dragons. It’s all set up perfectly for her to do so, but is this ending too easy for Game of Thrones? Probably.

The Night’s King – 10/1 with BoyleSports

An ending that is as equally likely to happen. For any other TV show, the proposition of all the characters dying and the antagonist prevailing would be simply too much for writers to fathom. However, for George R.R. Martin, there is no such thing.

The image of the Night’s King sitting on the throne, with the show’s favourite characters slain in battle is the exact type of ending that many fans are refusing to rule out. As a writer who had the King in the North butchered next to his pregnant wife, whilst also having the Mountain crush Oberyn Martell’s skull like a small ant, this ending does not escape all realistic possibilities.

At 10/1, some punters will fancy their luck in such a tragic ending. There is value in such a price, but is this sort of narrative even too far for such an unpredictable and shocking show like GoT?

Characters To Survive or Die

If the Game of Thrones franchise has taught us anything, it is to not get too attached to characters, because anybody can die. Anybody. We have seen fan favourites Ned and Rob Stark fall, Joffrey Lannister poisoned on his wedding day and not even the beloved Jon Snow couldn’t escape a death scene.

Betting on characters to survive or not is therefore a popular market, but an equally tricky one to call. Take a look below at what we’ve picked out.

Arya Stark to Die – 3/1 with 888 Sport

If the season eight trailer is anything to go by, Winterfell looks to be under attack and we actually catch a glimpse of Ayra running from something. Of course, the fan favourite is not going to die in the first episode, but she does always put herself in dangerous positions. Given the opportunity, she will be willing to put herself before any sort of threat, if it means protecting her family and friends.

However, the girl with many faces is not exactly an easy target. She could be anybody at any given time, making it easy for her to evade her enemies. Fans are debating as to what storyline Ayra will follow in season eight, as a girl still has a certain name left on her list.

Will she avenge her fallen mother and father by taking revenge on Cersei? It is certainly a daring mission and probably one that Jon wouldn’t approve of. Perhaps the Stark girl will begin her travels again and embark upon a solo mission – will it be one that she survives though?

Jamie Lannister to Survive – 3/1 with Unibet

Unlike Ayra’s odds to die, I’m quite surprised by the price for Jamie Lannister to survive. Fans have grown towards the ‘King Slayer’ ever since season three, as his character ark certainly led him to become a more compassionate and level-headed soldier.

It appears as though Jamie is determined to ‘fight for the living’, and it looks as though he is on road to join up with Jon and co. Regardless of his intentions though, he will eventually meet again with Cersei. This could, however, be a fatal meeting. The most prominent prediction from viewers is that Jamie will be the man to eventually kill his sister, as her obsession over the crown has consumed her sight of reality.

It would definitely take something drastic for him to take these actions on, but it could be the only way to save Kings Landing from destruction. Will he be killed for doing so, or perhaps stopped in the process? Either way, if he is to fall, Cersei will surely be close by.

Novelty Bets

So, that’s the main markets covered, but are there any others?

There are plenty of Game of Thrones betting markets to find online and we have a list of the bookmakers who are offering the best odds. Below, I have picked out two more outcomes which are likely to come in.

All Dragons To Die – No at 8/5 with 888 Sport

If he wasn’t busy leading the army of the dead, the Night King could well be participating in the men’s javelin Olympics. He took down Viserion, the largest of Dani’s dragons, with ease in ‘Beyond the Wall’ and you wouldn’t be surprised to see another of the majestical creatures fall.

In terms of logistics, it is quite clear that the Night King could easily strike down another dragon. However, we must also remember that this is a TV show and with regards to entertainment value, the producers may be hesitant to completely kill off the very creatures that give the series such a distinct reputation.

Yes, this sounds very naïve considering the nature of the show, but it would be quite something to see all three dragons die. I would expect one to fall during battle and inevitably, this will probably come courtesy of a Viserion attack, but surely one will remain to protect the Kingdoms?

Side bet: Drogon to Survive – 2/1 with 888 Sport

Sansa Stark to Marry – 1/2 with Unibet

Cast your minds back to season one. How annoying was Sansa Stark? Her mind and storyline was solely set on her dreams of marrying ‘prince charming.’ Not exactly something that went to plan.

Tyrion Lannister was certainly an upgrade on Joffrey, but their fates were always going to clash. It was certainly not three times a charm with Ramsey Bolton though, who fared the worst out of the three relationships for her. Will she ever get her knight in shining armour?

As the Lady of Winterfell, she will certainly have some options out there, as her house is of the greatest value in the North. The most popular choice amongst the GoT fan-base appears to be Gendry – Robert Baratheon’s only living son. Given the strong alliance that the Baratheon and Starks historically boast, it is one that definitely makes sense. Maybe Sansa will get her happy ending after all.

So there you have it. We can’t wait for the show to come back on our screens and we will be back to update the Game of Thrones betting odds throughout the month.

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