Soap Stars Have Slippery Start to I’m a Celeb Eliminations

December 4, 2018

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If you’re watching I’m a Celeb, you’ll know who’s who by now. You should do, anyway, as there’s not long left till the final! It’s gone super quick for us, judging them from our sofas as they’ve crunched, munched and drank their way through every disgusting creature within reach.

Pop stars, soap stars, TV stars and a particular legendary name in football have been put through all sorts of probably-almost-traumatising trials over the past few weeks.

Having kept an eye on the I’m a Celeb odds since the celebrities entered the jungle, we’ve seen Harry Redknapp, Emily Atack, John Barrowman and Fleur East hovering around the top spots towards the favourites.

Contrastingly, Corrie’s Sair Khan, Hollyoaks’ Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Ex-Eastender Rita Simons have never ventured out of the outsider zones. We thought that they just needed a bit more screen time, or to face a Bushtucker trial. Then they did the trials.

The Eliminations

Noel Edmonds

Unsurprisingly, Noel was the first to go, thanks to the public vote. He was the exception to the soap stars as he was horrible during his time as camp Emperor, creating some uncomfortable moments in Croc Creek. The campmates seemed to warm to him as roles got reshuffled and saw his real personality and sense of humour. The public, however, seemed to struggle to shake off that rude first impression. We did, anyway. Alas, it was a big stinking No Deal for Noel after 10 days in the jungle. Last in, first out. See ya!

Noel Edmonds Gone from I'm a Celeb

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

He conquered his fears on day one, skydiving into the jungle. He said in his interview before he entered that he would never say ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’ and he didn’t! He faced snakes, spiders, cockroaches and everything else you can imagine.

Malique was one half of the duo who endured the torturous eating trial, which we look forward to every year. After retching on just three mealworms, he proceeded to eat blended vomit-fruit, pig snout, a pig’s anus, a dead scorpion and a sheep’s penis. He got all possible stars, yet still, this did not help him escape the outsider position. What a cruel public!

In the live trial, the ‘Jungle X Factor’, Malique and Emily had to stand in Perspex ‘X’ shapes with plastic mouthpieces in. They had to sing songs from previous X Factor stars whilst covered in biting green ants.

All this, and he still didn’t seem to win the hearts, or even the sympathy of the public. He made good bonds with the younger campmates, as well as Harry and Noel. His and Fleur’s slang-teaching session with Harry about Harry’s ‘peng ting’ wife Sandra was a thoroughly enjoyable watch, but it looks like Harry and Fleur stole the show for that. A reminder if you forgot the words to the best rap of 2018: “Peng ting called Sandra, wanna jump in ma Range Rover.”

Malique was the second celeb to leave the jungle, with the least votes from the public, after 16 days in camp. In his departing interview, he necked his glass of champagne just as he had necked mushed up animal parts. He didn’t look as poorly after drinking this time.

When John Barrowman returned to camp after a hospital visit, he looked around and asked where Malique was. Sorry, but his ‘shocked’ face really did not look genuinely sad or shocked. You’re supposed to be a good actor John, at least make it convincing.

Sair Khan

Sair was Malique’s partner in the eating trial, who also got the maximum number of stars for camp. She ate fish eye spaghetti, a cow’s teat which she sucked in through her lips like a grape, a sheep testicle and a camel’s hoof amongst other gross bits and bobs.

After doing a couple of team trials, Sair took the brave and utterly baffling decision to put herself forward to enter a sewer filled with rats, a crocodile, mud-crabs, toads and water-dragons. The poor girl probably thought it would buy her some extra time in the camp. Getting a full house of stars, and meals for all campmates, was great. The extra time in camp though? Not sure.

What’s not so great is her obviously fake laugh. Dear me. Every time anyone said anything remotely worth a response, out came the pathetic non-laugh. To be honest, some people could probably block it out after a while, but a search on Twitter for ‘Sair fake laugh’ is proof that it grated on more than just one of us – it was beyond ridiculous.

Sair was the third celeb to be voted out of the jungle, and perhaps she could have gone further had it not been for the laugh. Renowned pain-in-the-backside Piers Morgan has had a pop at her, too, asking who she is. Maybe if she had caused some crazy drama in camp, it might have reached him. Never mind, we’ll be seeing her back on the cobbles in no time, once she gets a proper meal.

Soap Stars Down Under

It’s not as if doing this badly is a tradition for soap personalities.

Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas was runner-up last year. Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fizz on Coronation Street, came in fourth place, even though she had her fair share of tears and trials. A highlight of Fizz’s time was when someone on Facebook commented, “all Fuzz has done is cry.” Fuzz! Not her name! It feels like a ‘had to be there’ situation…

In 2016, loveable Emmerdale star Adam Thomas who was scared of everything came a fantastic third place. In 2015, Hollyoaks’ Jorgie Porter did very well for herself, coming in fifth place.
So, what is it about this year’s soap stars?

Too tame? Too boring? Too quiet? Well, Ex-Eastender Rita Simons played fiery Roxy Mitchell, and luckily her personality is different, but in real life, she is tough as old boots. Question is, is she as likeable as our favourites Harry, Fleur and Emily? No. She’s a huge outsider at 50/1 to win with Ladbrokes in the I’m a Celebrity Betting Odds

Who’s next for the boot?

If the double whammy of soap star eliminations is anything to go by, we’ll probably be waving goodbye to Rita before the final. She is a funny individual, though, and she’s put herself forward for a lot of stuff, but it all comes down to the public vote.

She also lost a pal in Noel when he went. When Emily, Sair and Fleur were playing ‘Snog, Marry, Push off a Cliff’, Rita, unfortunately, got the metaphorical push a few times, before Emily changed her mind. She is very independent in camp, so any tasks where she can fight for immunity, she certainly will tackle them.

With only a few days to go, it’s simply a question of how long our final soap star can last.

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