Love Island Odds & Betting: Week Four

June 28, 2019

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Love Island is in full swing now! We’ve enjoyed the honeymoon phase, and now we’re in deep. We’re seeing each other all the time and checking social media when we can’t spend our time together. That inevitably means there are going to be a few arguments and we won’t always be happy with all aspects of the relationship.

On the other hand, there are some nice surprises too, not least the realisation that two of the most hated islanders from the early shows have become firm favourites. We’re talking, of course, about Anton and Amber.

We’ll discuss Amber in a bit, as she and Michael are favourites to win, but we don’t want to pie off Anton, the poor guy’s had enough of that to last a lifetime!

Team Anton

When he first entered the villa, Anton’s over-confidence and disturbing revelations (no one’s mum should be shaving their adult son’s body hair) made him instantly unlikeable. However, his sense of humour and honesty have turned him into one of our favourites – who knew?

Repeatedly rejected by just about every woman in the villa, he has nonetheless formed genuine friendships with most of the people in there.

While many claim that they ‘tell it like it is’ Anton actually does, and he manages to do so with charm and a sense of humour. He says the same in the hut as he does to his fellow islanders’ faces. He’s also willing to save a girl who doesn’t fancy him (Lucie) so that she can continue her time in the villa and hopefully find someone else.

Still, a platonic couple is unlikely to win, and Anton’s Love Island odds reflect his coupled-up-but-actually-single status.

Molly-Mae Isn’t There For the Money, OK?!

Anton wasn’t the only one straight-talking this week, as one of the challenges involved the couples guessing who tweets from the viewers were talking about.

Of course, this caused chaos, with Amy learning that not all the viewers are convinced by ‘Curmy’ (although most love Curtis) and Molly-Mae finding out people think that she entered a television contest with a cash prize and millions of viewers to win the money and boost her Instagram following (surely not?!).

She maintained that she came in ‘for love’ and that she’s found what she’s looking for with Tommy. Anton disagreed, but told her his opinion doesn’t matter.

Another slap in the face for Molly-Mae came from a tweet suggesting Lucie and Tommy would make a much better couple, and were, in fact, ‘meant to be’. Tommy tried to reassure her his friendship with Lucie was strictly platonic, whilst Lucie told the girls ‘never say never’.

Still, Molly-Mae and Tommy are still among the favourites to win, although interestingly Tommy and Lucie aren’t far behind…

Dumped from The Villa

Whenever there are new arrivals, there is bound to be tension, and with the chance to recouple comes the possibility of sending someone home.

Danny was coupled up with Yewande, but chose to recouple with new girl Arabella, thus sending Yewande home.  Yewande warned Danny ‘what goes around comes around’ and it seems she was right, as when the most popular boys had to choose one of the girls to send packing, it was Arabella who got the boot.

Footage has emerged of a delighted Yewande watching Arabella get cut from the show. You can’t really blame her though, can you?

Also on the chopping block was Tom. Having spectacularly screwed up his chances with Maura with a derogatory comment he ‘grafted’ his way back into her good graces, only to tell some of the boys that he wasn’t sure about their coupling. Anna warned Maura and Maura confronted Tom about it telling him ‘For me, it’s done’. It wasn’t a surprise, therefore, that when the girls had to dump one of the least popular boys from the villa, they went with Tom. Honestly, we don’t think he’ll be a huge loss either and his removal barely registered in the Love Island odds.

Casa Amor

It’s that time again – the islanders are loved up and/or the best of friends, so, naturally, they will be split up and introduced to a boatload of new temptations.

Usually, the guys move into the new villa, leaving the girls at ‘home’ to welcome new boys. This year, reports have suggested it will be the girls who move to Casa Amor. Either way, there will be six new guys and six new girls in the mix.

So, will any of our lovebirds do the dirty on their current partners? – we’re going to go with yes.

Love Island Winners

Earlier, we mentioned how perceptions of Amber had changed, both in and outside of the villa. Happily coupled up with the bookies favourite male, Michael Griffiths, Amber has softened considerably, whilst still retaining her Geordie ‘banta’ and plain speaking.

Initially, viewers were turned off by her bitchy demeanour and miserable face, but still recognised that she is a stunning girl.

Now, she’s an integral part of the villa, friends with all the girls but gets on with the boys too and is sitting pretty at the top of the winning female and winning couple Love Island odds.

Similarly, scouse fireman Michael comes across as one of the more mature islanders and isn’t shy of speaking his mind. These two really do seem highly compatible and we hope they’ll go the distance.

Their main competition comes from Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae, who are just behind in the winning couple Love Island odds, but the viewers, and islanders, are less convinced of their ‘connection’.

Professional dancer Curtis Pritchard and air hostess Amy Hart were one of the first pairs to truly couple up, but their odds have slipped as viewers have turned against Amy.

But with Casa Amor, set to be introduced everything could change…

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