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June 7, 2019

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It has been a long year of waiting for Series 5 of Love Island to begin. Since all of the couples from last series have now broken up, there’s been a lack of love in the ITV2 shaped hole in our lives. Flack Attack has got our backs though, as she looked super-bronzed for the big entrance to the Majorca villa on Monday.

We had a couple who took an early spot as favourites in the Love Island betting odds, but the course of true love never did run smooth, did it? The producers are always at hand to stir the pot, and that, they have done.

If you want further intel on the contestants, you can get a glimpse of their introductory VTs here.

Heartbreakers & Break-Ups

By day two in the villa, Scientist Yewande reckoned that her man Michael was a heartbreaker. The pair of them were coupled-up as last ones standing after Michael was on the ‘subs bench’ and Yewande wasn’t chosen initially. Luckily, it doesn’t look like Yewande is set for heartbreak as it looks quite, if not completely, platonic.

Surfer-model Lucie and sandwich-empire owner Joe were happily coupled up on day one. Day two, they even became the first couple to smooch, and the first to actually look as though there was potential for a spark between them. He was pretty much ready to walk up the aisle, he was that keen, ‘laying on the factor 50’, as they say.

And then in walks Tommy Fury, Tyson’s brother. Despite putting on a considerate show of despair over who to couple up with, he chose Lucie. His reasoning was that she’d been very welcoming to him. They had discussed Disney films. To be fair to Tommy, despite the situation he was put in, he does seem like a decent bloke. Poor Joe looked absolutely distraught afterward, heading for a meltdown as the credits rolled on day two.

Surprisingly, and perhaps optimistically, even after the steal, Lucie and Joe were topping the Love Island odds, followed by Tommy and Lucie.


We’ve got a scientist, a pharmacist, and an engineer among a gym owner, a beauty technician and a boxer, so there is plenty of representation across different walks of life.

Love Island bosses promised us some body diversity this year after criticism in previous years. They’ve tried. They said we would have a plus-sized contestant, but really, Anna has perfect curves and is more of a Kim K-alike. It was reassuring in Tuesday’s episode, though, that two of them were openly talking about scars, so that’s something.

It’s not just the girls who are picture perfect either. All of the lads are walking talking muscles. While the bosses want the contestants “to be attracted to one another”, there’s no harm in a bit of diversity. As Amber said, you couldn’t go for an Italian with some of them, cause their bodies are temples. Who couldn’t love pizza?

We’ve certainly come to find that being conventionally attractive doesn’t exclude you from being a numpty. Remember Hayley last year, about Brexit? This year, we’ve got to tackle surfer Lucie and her ‘bevs’.

The Lingo

Fear not, you’re not the only person left cringing with Lucie trying to make ‘bev’ happen.

If you don’t know what ‘bev’ is by now, you’re one of the lucky ones.

Behold, a bev is not a drink. No, no. “A bev is a hot guy” – and there’s more.

Apparently “bevvy” means ‘sexy’ – it is too much. I am very much on board with the Regina George memes of ‘stop trying to make bev happen’. Fellow Cornwall-dwellers have confirmed that bev is NOT a phrase from their neck of the woods.

Please, Lucie. Spare us. Let’s see who can stand it the longest, Tommy or Joe?

In other just-as-irritating news, it is what it is. Literally. “It is what it is” looks like it’s going to become the catchphrase of the series. I mean, we should be grateful that it’s an actual phrase, right?

Wrong. It’s so annoying. Yes, Michael, I’m looking at you.

Michael started it when he got sent to the ‘subs bench’ in the initial coupling up.

This was shortly followed by Sherif with the exact same phrase and a shoulder shrug. In fact, Sherif took it and run with it, grinding on viewers from the very first episode.

What do you know, Joe even uttered it when Tommy stole his gal. And then Tommy’s caught onto it.

We should look on the bright side. At least it’s not “I’m loyal, babe.” It is what it is, though.

The Love Island Betting Odds So Far

Shortly after the first re-coupling with Curtis and Tommy, the new pairs went on a double date. It was tough for Lucie who hadn’t had a say in any of it, but she was polite and friendly, later telling Tommy she wanted him to chat to other girls, not her. As a result, Lucie and Joe sustained their position near the forefront of the Love Island odds to win at 3/1 with Betfair.

After Lucie encouraged Tommy to chat to other girls, he tried to chirpse Amber, his second choice. She was having absolutely none of it, telling him he was “as deep as the ocean” since he wouldn’t stop hounding her about how she felt. I can’t decide if her straight-talking attitude is admirable or she’s just being a bitch. It’s getting her plenty screen-time though. Tommy and Amber are 14/1 to win with Ladbrokes right now.

Curtis Pritchard, Strictly Come Dancing dancer AJ’s brother, stole Amy from Anton. They were both very smiley, and after the date they shot into second favourites to win. He then tried and failed to instigate a kiss when he took Amy to the snug. They’ve separately said they both really like each other, and we spotted a smooch in bed, so all’s good on that front. After this, they took to the favourite position in the Love Island odds at 7/4 with Coral.

Anna is unwillingly playing hide and seek with Sherif in the villa. He’s making little effort, so there is no sign whatsoever of this pair anywhere in the Love Island odds to win. Maybe Anton will give Sherif the kick up the backside he needs to put the graft in and keep Anna interested.

The Curveball

On Thursday, blonde bombshell Molly-Mae, an ex-WAG looking for her own Channing Tatum, entered the villa. Another pretty blonde girl to add to the drama, amongst the other two pretty blonde girls who seem to be getting the most screen-time. The public voted for an islander to go on a date with her. Tommy got a text – and was the first person yet to be enthusiastic about it.

Molly-Mae was waiting for him in the hideaway hot tub. Lucie looked nervous. Joe looked buzzing.

The First Official Re-Coupling

The first week of villa-life is coming to a close, and you know what that means! It’s time for a re-coupling and one boy will be dumped from the island.

Curtis and Amy seem very happy to carry on together.

Anton has tried his best, with the help of Amber, to get Operation AAA on the go in order to chirpse Anna. Will she stick with Sherif or succumb to Anton’s ‘factor 20’ charm?

Joe is trying to stop being childish.

Has Tommy had his head turned?

Is Michael ever going to get any screen-time?

It’s all down to the girls tonight.

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