Love Island Odds & Betting: Week Three

June 20, 2019

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Just in case you’d been thinking Love Island got off to a dull start, this week everything has been ramped up. From kisses and cuddles to breaking up one of the long-standing couples, the Love Island odds have taken a huge shaking up.

Let’s recap on the villa drama so far and then see who’s looking strong among the favourites in the Love Island odds to win.

Karma for Maura

She came in over-confident and was all over Tommy like a rash. She even actually flung herself at him and tried to make him kiss her. Think for a second if the shoe had been on the other foot. I can’t deal with Maura, and I was overjoyed to see that Tommy stuck to his gal Molly-Mae in the re-coupling.

Yes, I know I didn’t like Molly-Mae a week ago, but she’s turned out to be alright. How fast things change!

After she was pied in the coupling-up, Maura had to pick herself up and move on.

New lads came in and, of course, she chatted to them, particularly Tom. Next thing, Tom told Elma he would like to get to know her and she didn’t object. Storm Maura returned once more.

Somehow forgetting her behaviour only a few days prior, Maura was kicking off. She was ‘fuming’ that Elma, who was in a couple with Anton, had the audacity to think about speaking to Tom.

Newsflash, you did the same thing to Tommy the other day. Karma is coming. While she’s come in and caused drama, which is good for viewing figures, she just winds me up. She’s not got a look in for the Love Island odds to win, but who knows? She might be the next girl to go. In fact, Skybet have got her as the favourite to be the next girl eliminated.

Shame on Amy

The public have well and truly turned on Amy, who is one half of the original power couple in the villa. After Amy confronted Lucie to say that she wasn’t spending any time with the girls, the whole friendship started to turn sour. Viewers took to Twitter to express how sorry they felt for Lucie as Amy turned the girls against her. High-school behaviour, really.

Tuesday’s Brutalities

Earlier in the week, all of the couples, minus Maura and Anna, had to secretly decide who were the two least compatible couples. After much deliberation, it appeared that the least compatible were Anton & Elma and Joe & Lucie. Slightly awkward that Joe had only just told Lucie he had fallen for her and was looking forward to taking things further.

The curveball came as a huge shock to the islanders. The viewers had the choice to vote for one person to save from each couple.

Anton was saved from his couple, sending Elma home after only a few days in the villa. Bless him, he was gutted. Back to square one!

Lucie was saved by the public, meaning that Joe had to leave immediately. She was in bits.

What will Lucie do?

It was a rollercoaster couple of hours, that is certain. What shocked me was that all of the girls immediately ran to hug Elma, while all of the lads went to hug Lucie and Joe.

The only other girl who then went to comfort her afterward was Amber, who has also gone up significantly in my estimations. Luckily, afterwards, following a chat with all the girls, amends were made. It looks like they’re pals again, for now.

Will Lucie stay in, or will she leave to be with Joe? It will be tough for her since they’ve been together from the start. He’s told her he’ll be waiting for her on the outside, though.  As it stands, she’s going to stay and see what happens. In a craftily formed question from Molly-Mae, Lucie agreed that if someone came in, ticked all her boxes and asked her on a date, she would oblige.

Some Positives Blossoming

Amongst all of the kicking off and bitchiness, there has been progression on the path of romance for some of the couples.

Amber and Michael have taken strides after their first kiss and have shot to the favourites in the Love Island odds this week. They had their first date on Wednesday. They each said a lot of nice and reassuring things to each other, hinting at life outside of the villa. It seems they are now rock solid as they’ve promised their heads won’t be turned. Amber is softening up, and it’s lovely to see. They’re cute.

Tommy and Molly-Mae had their first kiss after he said some very heartfelt things to her. They’re now looking like strong contenders, sitting as the third favourites in the Love Island odds at the moment.

Anna and new guy Jordan had a great first date, and I’m glad she’s managed to find someone she likes since Sherif went. Jordan is a bonus, however. He’s actually making the effort to chat and flirt with her, which is more than we can say for Sherif. They have had some flirty chats and even a cheeky smooch, too.

The way Danny looks at Yewande is so sweet, I just wish she could see it. She will need to see it fast otherwise he’s going to give up! He’s told her how he feels but she’s not got the confidence to say it back. This pair have climbed up into the top fourth favourite position in the Love Island odds this week. Let’s hope they can let romance blossom.

Love Island Winners

While Amber & Michael and Amy & Curtis are occupying the top positions in the Love Island odds, there is still plenty of time for things to get shaken up. There are more people headed into the villa and, no doubt, more facing the boot.

The public perceptions of Amy and Curtis have changed quite a lot in a short space of time, proving that anything could happen. With more relationships going from strength to strength, it could be anyone’s game yet. Fair play, though, if you backed Amber and Michael when they had more value!

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