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April 24, 2019

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Never get too attached to characters on Game of Thrones. It is a harsh lesson that viewers have come to terms with ever since Ned Stark lost his head in S1 E9, so make sure not to fall for George RR Martin’s tricks again.

Episode two of season eight was one filled with the formation of friendships and some heart-warming reunions. Just like the season opener, it was an episode that consisted of a series of events to lead up to the highly-anticipated battle at Winterfell. Is everybody just going to die there?

Despite the lack of action, it was an episode that shook up the Game of Thrones betting markets, as we now have a new favourite for the Iron Throne. Who is the current frontrunner and more importantly, who looks destined to fall at battle? Let’s take a look into the latest GoT odds.

To Be the Ruler of Westeros

Jamie Lannister informed the North about Cersei’s new recruits down South but despite her strong position, she has drifted to 33/1 with Unibet to be sitting on the throne come the end of the season. Many are expecting her to fall and should her inevitable death occur, there are now a few people with a claim to the throne.

Jon Snow is the legitimate heir, but his lack of interest in the crown could see him pass on his duty to a trusted ally. Bran and Sansa Stark hold strong value to do so, with Daenerys Targaryen still being an outsider at 8/1. However, none of these main characters are the current favourite to prevail.

Gendry – 7/4 with 888 Sport

The new favourite amongst the Game of Thrones betting odds to rule Westeros is Gendry Baratheon. It is quite a last name to boast, as it is one that grants the blacksmith with a big claim to the throne.

His father, Robert, ordered Ned Stark to rule in his favour whilst Joffrey came of age. Like Cersei was ever going to agree to that. Without dwindling too much on past episodes, it is safe to say that the King’s wishes did not come true. However, we could see a bit of poetic justice by seeing the Starks grant Gendry with the throne come the end of the season.

The Stark-Baratheon alliance is certainly a strong one, even more so now after that Ayra scene. If Daenerys falls and the Starks wish to remain in Winterfell, they would happily pass over the authority to their trusted friend whose family and theirs boast historic relations. Should Gendry survive the battle, he is well placed to follow in Robert’s footsteps.

What’s that saying again – like father like son? Having said that, we are sure Robert’s ‘number’ exceeds a little over three.

Little Finger – 6/1 with BoyleSports

Picking the eventual ruler of Westeros is not an easy task and many fans of the show are predicting the eventual winner to be a surprise package. Tyrion and Lord Varys are some people’s bets, whilst names like Grey Worm and Bronn of the Blackwater somehow manage to sneak up into conversation.

If the show is going to produce a major shock, then what about Little Finger?

Yes, we know what you are thinking. Petyr Baelish was killed in season seven, so how on earth could he be sitting on the throne? Well, there is a popular fan theory surrounding Little Finger’s return and it doesn’t involve him having light blue eyes.

Some viewers believe that the character is a faceless man and that he escaped Winterfell when Bran started to get on his case. As the theory explains, Little Finger gives a young girl a coin in S7 E5, and after this, his actions are never the same. ‘Only death pays for death’, so somebody taking his place to fall in his favour isn’t exactly the wildest thought.

As he notoriously said, ‘chaos is a ladder’, and you can never count Petry Baelish out. Not even when he’s dead apparently.

Destined to Die?

It was an impossible task to not become emotionally attached to the characters in episode two. From Brienne’s glistening smile, to Greyworm and Missandei’s future plans, to even the Hound showing a bit of sentiment, it was a warming night.

However, happy endings do not happen in Game of Thrones. Shortly after when a character has completed their ark, they die. We know that episode three is going to be one of TV’s greatest ever battle scenes and there is plenty of room for people to die.

Tormund to Die – 19/20 with 888 Sport

Everybody’s new favourite ginger. Tormund really is quite the character and he has grown to become a cult hero for fellow viewers. His rugged persona and his bizarre stories, not to mention his admiration for Brienne, has led him to become one of the funniest members to watch on screen.

Of course, there does remain the question as to whether Tormund will die. As we have seen and been told by the man himself, the reason he has lived so long is because he is good at killing people. In battle, it would take something rather special to defeat him, or someone special for that matter.

Rather than being slain 1v1 though, what about if he sacrifices himself for another? This is a common factor that can be applied to any of the characters, but he could do so for either Jon Snow or even Brienne. We know that he is a softy at heart and a meaningful death would be a great way for this Wildling hero to bow out.

Grey Worm to Die – 33/100 with Unibet

Whenever you see a character have a prolonged goodbye with a loved one, it’s never a promising sight. Particularly in Game of Thrones. For this very reason, fans are becoming increasingly worried about the fate of Grey Worm.

The Unsullied soldier is the commander of Daenerys’s army and will undoubtedly be in the thick of the action when the White Walkers arrive. Like Tormund though, he is a fierce warrior and killing Grey Worm will not be an easy task.

Not to become too repetitive, but the soldier’s death could come courtesy of trying to save either his Queen or Missandei. The latter seems the most likely scenario, particularly if the Crypts get broken into and somebody needs to rescue the women and children. Will he fall in attempt of saving his loved ones? It would be a fitting ending to a character who is devoted to protecting his people.

Bran Stark to Die – 7/4 with 888 Sport

One of the biggest surprises to surface in the Game of Thrones betting odds is the price on Bran Stark to die.

Once considered untouchable amongst fans, episode two revealed that Bran is in big danger. The Stark boy stated that the Night King is directly after him, as killing the Three Eyed Raven would wipe out all memories of Westeros and result in an ‘unending night’. Foreshadowing for when the two do eventually meet, it is evident that Bran is the character in the most danger for next episode.

The current plan is to lure the Night King into the Godswood as a trap, but this is easier said than done. We can’t be too sure about the fate of Bran, but we are destined to learn about his and the White Walker’s deep connection in more detail. Is he actually the Night King or will he need to travel back in time to prevent them from being created?

These questions will be answered and so will Bran’s destiny. At 7/4, some fans may fancy a punt in seeing another Stark fall.

Character to Kill Night King

There is some uncertainty as to where the Night King actually is, as he couldn’t be seen amongst the White Walkers that look destined to march on Winterfell. Some fans have conjured up a theory of whether he is flying down South to destroy Kings Landing, but I’m not entirely sold on this narrative.

Regardless of whether he turns up or not, somebody will need to kill him at some point of the series. So, who are the frontrunners to be the eventual slayer?

Jon Snow – 5/4 with Unibet

Can Game of Thrones not have a poetic ending? The White Walkers die after we are treated to a legendary 1v1 battle scene between Jon Snow and the Night King, with the former prevailing in emphatic fashion.

It’s quite a pretty picture and one that looks likely to happen if the GoT betting odds are anything to go by. At 5/4, Jon is the clear outright favourite to kill the Night King, but would it happen in a simple battle scene? It’s an ending that seems a tad cliché but their paths are destined to clash in some may or another.

Having already killed two White Walkers, Jon is certainly experienced in combat and if the prophecy of Azor Ahai is to come true, he will be the one to destroy the Whites.

Arya Stark – 7/4 with 888 Sport

Unlike Jon, Ayra doesn’t have much experience with killing Whites. But she does have experience with killing, and a lot of it.

The Stark girl is a fan favourite in the show and she is notorious for her ‘badass’ moments. A big deal was made of her receiving that special weapon from Gendry (the Dragonglass!!) and it is going to be fun seeing her put it to good use. On this point, what better way to use it than destroying the Night King and saving Westeros?

With her many faces, Ayra is one of the most dangerous characters on the show and she is a pro at evading and assassinating her chosen victims. Perhaps there is enough space on her list for the biggest enemy of them all?

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