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May 1, 2019

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Major spoiler ahead Game of Thrones fans! – The Night King is dead, long live the Queen? King? Some sort of weird incestuous combination? – we’re looking at you here Jon and Dany (as opposed to Jamie and Cersei!) Time will tell, but the Long Night left us with rather more characters still alive and kicking, to challenge for the Iron Throne, than most of us were expecting.

The same ‘fans’ who complained that there wasn’t enough action in episodes one and two are now moaning that there weren’t enough deaths in the third instalment.

What this really means, is that we’re used to our favourites being brutally despatched in a variety of creative and, frankly, often disgusting ways, and we’d prepared ourselves for some gory ends for the likes of Brienne, Podrick, and pretty much everyone in the crypt. Minimum.

The term ‘plot armour’ is being used to describe the inexplicable survival of those who we saw literally submerged by wights, only for them to reappear later alive and well.

Another common complaint is that there was very little light to see it all by when the battle for survival finally began.

Never fear, though, the Red Woman was on hand to relight everyone’s fires, even if her presence made more than a couple of people a little bit hot under the collar.

Still, there’s no denying that she played her part, and only left the party once her job was done. You have to admire her commitment, even if some of her actions can be classed as unconscionable (convincing parents to burn their children at the stake is always going to raise a few eyebrows) and she did bring Jon Snow back in season 6, so, you know, there’s that.

Melisandre wasn’t the only woman to go out on her own terms.

Heroic Deaths

Whilst the brave and incredibly blunt Lyanna Mormont probably wouldn’t have relished being squeezed to death by a zombie giant, it was appropriate that her small stature didn’t prevent her from taking him with her. Stabbing the ice giant in the eye as her last action was a fitting end for the fearless Mormont girl.

Aside from the Night King himself, and the now twice-dead dragon Viserion, the other major character deaths were all of men finally being relieved of their duty.

Their Watch is Over

Ser Beric has died multiple times over the years but was repeatedly brought back until he had completed his mission, which seems to have been to save Arya so that she could kill the Night King.

Dolorous Edd was the last of Jon’s Night Watch friends who could handle themselves in battle, but still did well to survive up until this point. Fans will mourn him as one of Jon’s original band of brothers, particularly as Sam proved disappointingly (but realistically) woefully unsuited to fight an army of wights, rather than getting lucky and dispatching one who directly threatened his family.

Jorah has almost met his maker a few times during the course of the seven seasons, and it’s always been linked to trying to protect Daenerys. Other than her returning his affections, dying to save her is probably his greatest wish fulfilled.

Speaking of Dany, Targaryen or not, she would have been toast without Jorah coming to her rescue. Briefly stripped of her dragons and her armies, she looked incredibly small and vulnerable – is it almost time for the moon to join her sun and stars in the afterlife?

If that is the case who will take ‘her’ place on the Iron Throne?

We’ve looked at a couple of contenders.

To Die, or To Rule? That is The Question

Arya Stark

Surely the most badass girl (let’s not forget she’s still a teenager) that TV has ever been blessed with? She killed the Night King, thereby literally saving the world! Just give her the Iron Throne now and anything else she wants we say.

From watching her dear old dad get beheaded, to arriving in the aftermath of the Red Wedding too late to save her mother and brother, Arya began her journey trapped by her circumstances and a victim by association. Yet, even as a small child, Arya was training herself for battle, and survival.

It was her ‘faceless man’ education, we think, which allowed her to get so close to the Night King in the first place, yet it was her nifty drop and catch with the dagger given to her by Bran that enabled her to ‘stick him with the pointy end’.

Not to blow our own trumpets, but we did tip Arya to be the one to kill the Night King in our Episode 2 guide

By our reckoning, she’s earned the Iron Throne.

However, there are a fair few people in Arya’s life who are unlikely to step aside.

Jon Snow

Jon doesn’t really want to be King. By all accounts, he hates politics and, let’s not forget, his last stint as a leader led to him being murdered by his own ‘brothers’.

However, he’s big on duty and purpose and his (he believes) is to be King in the North and protect his people. Unlike his aunt/girlfriend he’s not too fussed about the other kingdoms, but with the new knowledge that he’s actually a Targaryen by birth and has a better claim to the Iron Throne than she does, there is bound to be more friction ahead.

Is Dany capable of killing Jon to reach the Iron Throne? Probably. Will she get the chance? We doubt it.

Tyrion Lannister

Not another Targaryen? Well, he seems to be able to handle the dragons, and Tywin repeatedly referred to him as ‘not my son’. Regardless, Tyrion Lannister has signed up to Dany’s team as opposed to backing his sister Cersei. Tyrion’s intelligence has kept him alive until now, together with a knack of aligning himself with physically powerful figures and winning their trust – Jamie, Bronn, Jorah etc, but will it be enough to allow him to cheat death with Cersei gunning for him?

Bronn has been dispatched by Cersei to kill both Tyrion and Jamie, although fans may remember Tyrion assuring Bronn in season one that if he ever was tempted to sell him out “whatever the price, I’ll beat it”.

We’ve not seen much of Bronn yet this season, but the idea that he’ll probably succeed in killing one or both of the Lannister brothers is on everyone’s minds now that the threat of the Night King has been dealt with.

Speaking of Lannisters…

Cersei Lannister

Sometimes, your stock rises in your absence. Simply by sitting out the battle for Winterfell (presumably wearing something fabulous and drinking copious amounts of wine), Cersei lived to plot another day. However, most fans believe her time is coming, and that her green eyes are the ones Arya is destined to ‘close forever’ when the two next meet.

Then again, the prophecy points to one of her brothers ending her life – with all of their children now dead, will Jamie turn on his twin? Or, perhaps Tyrion will send her to the afterlife as he did their father? – we miss the wonderful Charles Dance, but that’s by the by here!

If Bronn kills one of them, might the other not avenge them by killing Cersei, since Bronn is just the tool she’s using?

Either way, it looks like Cersei’s days are numbered.

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