The bookmakers offering the best Premier League betting odds

How many bookies do you know who offer Premier League betting odds, eh? Pretty much all of them? Well if you said that you’re wrong because it’s not pretty much, it is all of them.

And why wouldn’t they? It’s Greatest Show on Earth™ after all isn’t it! The British were known to be quite reserved characters once upon a time, but look at them now! Even the Americans cringe when they look at the EPL hype train.

In America when a national championship is won in basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and American football, the winner is then named, ‘World Champions’. The Premier League’s answer to that is, ‘The Best League in the World‘.

But is it really the best league in the world? Depends how you define best, I guess. It’s certainly the most competitive league in the world, there’s no doubt about that. What other top-tier league in Europe starts a season with six sides that could genuinely win the league? Russia maybe? But that’s about it. Certainly not Spain, Italy, France, or Germany. Not even close.

But best? Maybe strength in depth, yep, you could make that argument. No other European top tier can boast the quality that the Premier League has right down to its worst sides. Jean Michael Seri had been touted with a move to Barcelona before ending up at Fulham. You’re not likely to see a player touted with a move to Man Utd and end up Leganes. The money’s not there at the bottom of La Liga to make it happen.

But best?! No, I’m not having it. La Liga is the best, and I’ll tell you for why. In the UEFA Association club coefficient rankings, Spain’s ranking is 20 points ahead of England’s, nearly 25% higher. But more importantly, Spain have won 8 of the last 10 European trophies – 5 Champions League’s and 3 Europa League’s. Only Chelsea in 2013 and Man Utd in 2017 have broken Spain’s stranglehold. The Premier League can’t claim to the best when that’s happening, can it? Can it?

Well, it does.

Anyway, less of the ranting and more of the betting!

Your Premier League betting odds are in that table below.


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