The bookmakers offering the best Apprentice odds

Series 14 of The Apprentice is here, folks, so it’s time to clear your Wednesday night plans until the end of December, and settle in for some entrepreneurial-focused reality TV.

The Apprentice has been on our screens since way back in 2005, and though it started to little fanfare, it soon developed into one of the most popular shows on TV.

Indeed, the average viewing figures for the first series were only at 2.6m, but that soon became 4.4m a series later. By Series 5 that figure was at 8m and until just last year it has stayed pretty much that high ever since (though 2017’s edition actually had the lowest viewing figures since series 3).

Does that mean The Apprentice is on the way down? Mitchell and Webb did do that amazing sketch roasting them a few years ago. Maybe that’s finally reached mainstream consciousness and it’s turned people off the show?

I mean it is quite apt, but yeah, I very much doubt it. 2017’s edition still averaged nearly 7m viewers across the series which was the consistently the third most-watched show of the week behind only Strictly and Blue Planet at the time.

But getting back into the world of today and 2018, we’ve seen a little bit of a cut on this year’s series with just 16 participants competing for that top prize compared to the usual 18. And here are your contestants:

  • Alex Finn – IT Specialist
  • Camilla Ainsworth – Nut Milk Brand Owner
  • Daniel Elahi – Lifestyle Brand Owner
  • David Alden – Tax Advisor
  • Frank Brooks – Senior Marketing Manager
  • Jackie Fast – Sponsorship Consultant
  • Jasmine Kundra – Learning and Development Manager
  • Kayode Damali – Professional Speaker
  • Khadija Kalifa – Eco Cleaning Company Owner
  • Kurran Pooni – Law Graduate
  • Rick Monk – Quality Controller
  • Sabrina Stocker – Tennis Events Company Owner
  • Sarah Ann Magson – Solicitor
  • Sarah Byrne – Children’s Acting Academy Owner
  • Sian Gabbidon – Swimwear Brand Owner
  • Tom Bunday – Tree Surgery Firm Owner

Week one saw Sian Gabbidon implemented as the early front-runner, but you’re sure to have your favourite, and I know what your question is right now, “Where can I bet on these lovely, business-minded devils?” Well, at the bookies listed in the table below, of course!

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