The Battles Are Brutal, But We Love Them

March 6, 2019

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FINALLY! They got new outfits! And then wore them again the week after. Well, at least JHud has shaken off the rainbow colours and matched her dress to her eyeshadow for the next few weeks.

The battles may be the worst bit of the competition, especially for the coaches. Putting your own acts against each other, knowing that half of them are almost certain to be going home, must be daunting. The Voice battles are taking place over a few weeks, and The Voice odds are going to get a good old shaking up. Two rounds of battles in and there are no steals left, meaning that no more of the coaches can save a different act from going home.

I’ve picked out some of the best battles over the last two weeks, and some of the most frustrating, so we can get up to speed with how the competition is going.

Mike Platt vs Cedric Neal

The first battle of the night was between two very different voices, who Sir Tom tasked with singing ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ by the Rolling Stones. While Mike had heard of it, Cedric had not, so he was at a disadvantage there.

Mike was the very first blind audition we saw in the series, and the on-call firefighter blew the judges away with ‘Show me Heaven’. Cedric wowed me in his first audition when he sang Stevie Wonder’s ‘Highest Ground’, and both acts got four turns. For the types of voices we have here, the Rolling Stones felt like a difficult one to tackle.

For me, it sounded better in Cedric’s style, he may not have known it, but he put a Cedric twist on it. Mike was able to hit some great high notes, and while they harmonised beautifully at the end, we have to remember this is a battle. It proved to be a fantastic, lively song choice to kick off the battles.

The Decision: Well this was just cruel to watch. We had Cedric’s friends and family on one camera, and Mike’s little kids cheering on their dad on the other. It was extremely tense, but Sir Tom remained very matter-of-fact in his decision-making, highlighting that he was thinking about the future.

Sir Tom saved Cedric.

Mike was then available for a steal, but unfortunately, none of the other coaches jumped in, so it was a lonely exit from the stage for Mike.

Georgia Bray vs The Flat Pack

Georgia sang a very powerful ballad-like version of Katy Perry’s Firework in her audition, so I was initially shocked to see that firstly Olly had paired her with trio The Flat Pack. The next shock was the song choice of Hit The Road Jack’ which you would imagine would suit the Flat Pack down to the ground.

Georgia had to step up her game to stand a chance against the energetic and powerful trio, but she took to the stage with a powerful ponytail and a sequin dress. If that doesn’t mean business, I don’t know what does.

Of course, The Flat Pack were great, and not afraid to put as much power into a very animated performance of the song, but wow, did Georgia fight back. She showed off a not-before-seen confidence and attitude to put up a solid fight in the battle.

The Decision: Despite a really fun battle, Olly had to choose the act he could see a future growing with.

Olly saved Georgia. It was well and truly deserved, in my eyes.

Nobody jumped in to save The Flat Pack, so it’s back to the day jobs for now, but at least they can sing while they do it.

Jimmy Balito vs Roger Samuels

A funky falsetto against a gospel powerhouse, what a combination. Jimmy had his life made when he got through the blind auditions after no turns last year, but it made him all the more ready to battle it out on stage.

The song Tom chose for them was Let it Be’ by Labrinth. Roger has the warmest, biggest voice and he commanded most of the battle, but Jimmy fought back with his falsetto, attitude and strength, making for a brilliant performance. Jimmy bounced around the stage, giving the vibe of an old-school indie band frontman, which was actually quite sweet.

The Decision: Tom saved Roger, which was utterly deserved. Jimmy also put in a fantastic effort and may have won if he was against someone else, but that can’t be changed.

Luckily, and almost miraculously, both Olly and Will hit their buzzers for a steal, which left the ultimate decision down to Jimmy. After Olly apologised for letting him down twice, Jimmy chose team Olly, and hopefully they can power through the next stage together.

Peter Donegan vs Deana

If you saw the auditions, you would have seen that Peter’s dad was friends with Tom Jones and had written songs for him. After Tom turned, he ended up singing Peter’s dad, Lonnie Donegan’s song with him. That may have been the peak of Peter’s life right then. In the VT before the battle, Peter was harping on about destiny.

Deana is a bundle of scouse personality and it was interesting to see what song they’d be given, and who would tackle it better.

The pair battled it out to Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’, and because it was so different from both of their auditions, it could have gone either way. Tom was very emotional throughout the whole performance, probably because he knew he had a terribly tough decision on his hands. Deana was very powerful and seemed more confident in the song than Peter.

The Decision: Tom saved Deana. It clearly broke his heart to let Peter go after the bond they had formed, and the history with his dad.

At the end of the day, Deana was the stronger performer in the battle. Plus, can you imagine how much Twitter would have kicked off if Peter got through? They were calling it a fix after Tom found out that he knew Peter’s dad.

It’s Not Fair!

Now’s the time for my rant. All I can say is thank goodness for steals, for helping to ease some of the pain.

Brieya vs. Illiana

I remember watching Brieya’s audition and being stunned by how good her voice was. Her decision on which judge to pick was based on who was ready to fight for her, but it didn’t seem like this was the case. I fully thought Brieya would have been top of The Voice betting odds, but unfortunately her journey was cut short.

Illiana and Brieya performed Estelle’s ‘American Boy’, which Will also produced, and in my eyes, Brieya was better. Illiana was showing attitude but she did some funny thing with her voice which I didn’t like.

The salt in the wound was when nobody went for the steal for Brieya when they could.

Honestly? I think Illiana will be lucky to get through the next stage of the competition.

Solo against Trios

Yes, I get it. You can pair acts up in any way you like for the battle, but it just seems unfair putting a solo singer up against a trio.

Let’s face it, the harmonies in the trios are more often than not, going to be more impressive than what any single person can do on their own.

I loved Remember Monday in their first audition. They were great again in the battles, and well deserving of their spot in the next round. I feel for Kieron, whilst, when I first saw him I was unsure he’d be able to go much further in the competition, it didn’t seem fair. Kieron was high up on The Voice odds whereas Remember Monday were looking good, so the prediction was right there.
The same again happened with NXTGEN and Seth. I’m still not over the fact that NXTGEN were in a group called ‘Yes Lad’ on the X Factor, and for that, despite their harmonies, I cannot side with them. Seth was full of the moves as well as singing brilliantly, and while both of them put up a good fight, it was disappointing to see Seth go. Once again, I think things may have been different if he wasn’t up against a trio. But isn’t going to changes things to keep me happy is he?

Thank God for Steals

I mentioned the relief with Jimmy’s steal. There have been a few close shaves over these first two weeks of battles. We have had some sigh-of-relief steals, but because each coach only has one steal, there were none left by mid-way through the second week.

Molly’s first audition was great, as was Connie’s, and the song Olly gave them was perfectly suited to them both. Singing ‘With You’ from Ghost the Musical was an emotional affair, and with Molly having just gone through heartbreak, the emotion was especially raw. Both of them were fantastic, and so it may just have been on merit. I can’t help but think that Olly saved Molly because she managed not to cry. Well, it’s fine, because JHud saved Connie, so she still has a chance.

Bet on Your Favourite Coach

Don’t forget, it’s not just the acts who are being weighed up in The Voice betting odds each week. Whose decisions have you loved, or who do you think has got the strongest team? You can back your favourite coaches if you’d prefer.

Who to Watch in The Voice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cedric is the greatest. I am confident he will fly through the next stages and into the finals with nothing to worry about. Everything comes naturally to him, and we love him.

Georgia is also one to watch, with the performance that she put on for her battle. We saw a whole new side to her. and I really liked it. I think Remember Monday and their harmonies will also float on through to the finals with no problems.

We’ve got more battles coming up this weekend, so let’s hope they’re as tense, brutal and emotional as what we have been spoilt with so far.

Just as the market grew when we had more blind auditions, as acts get sent home, The Voice betting odds will shrink down again, and perhaps even close in.

There are still quite a few more acts to get through, so if you’ve got your bet placed, hold tight! If not, get picking, see who wows you in the battles and go bet!

Find The Voice betting odds here

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