The Britain’s Got Talent Betting Odds After Week 7

May 21, 2019

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Whether the talent of Eurovision or Britain was your priority at the weekend, we have rounded up some highlights (and lowlights) of the last fortnight of Britain’s Got Talent auditions. From tearjerkers to laughing stocks, as always, we’ve had our fair share of the lot.

The stakes have been raised week after week for the better talent amongst those auditioning. The adorable Flakefleet Primary School are still the favourites to win in the BGT odds at 5/1 with Ladbrokes, but let’s see what they’re up against from recent weeks.


We love a good cry at the telly, us Brits. Happy tears, sad tears, the lot.

Colin Thackery

Eighty-nine-year old Colin proved that you’re never too old to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. A Chelsea pensioner, he lives at the Royal Hospital Chelsea with his fellow ex-Army veterans.

Having lost his wife three years ago, Colin dedicated his audition song to her. He had sung to his comrades throughout his time in the Army and wanted to honour his late wife, so this was the perfect platform.

Colin came on stage in his Chelsea Pensioner’s coat with his badges and sang “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Everyone in the audience was welling up – even Simon. The shots of his pals in the audience were so sweet.

I love Colin. We all love Colin, and I really hope he makes it far in the competition. At the moment, he’s flown into the top 10 in the Britain’s Got Talent betting odds at 16/1 with Coral, which is promising.

Bless him. I’ve got goosebumps re-watching it.

Truro Cathedral Choir

I don’t know what it is about choirs, but a lot of the time, they just make me cry. Another goosebumps job here.

The reason these choristers came onto Britain’s Got Talent was great. The choirmaster said that our country is famous for its cathedral choirs and they hope to bring something really traditional into the mainstream.

No hymns in here, though. We had Elton John. They sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and it was pitch perfect. Each of them sounded so angelic, and a standing ovation was proof enough that they aced it.

There’s value in a punt on the Truro Cathedral Choir in the Britain’s Got Talent odds at the moment at 33/1 with Betfred. If you want to back something traditional instead of the endless magic tricks we’ve seen, here is your chance.

Leanne Mya

Everyone’s got their own story, but Leanne’s was especially touching. She decided to come onto BGT after a tough 19 months, briefly explaining that she is a survivor from Grenfell Tower. She is doing her best to make something positive out of it, and so she came to sing.

Leanne sang Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”, with just a piano accompanying her. It’s clear there was more depth to the meaning of the song than just its face value; we even saw Ant & Dec fighting back tears.

Go on girl. Smashed it. She got four easy yeses and she’ll be flying through the next stages, I’m sure. She’s 16/1 to win it all with Betfair.


You’re either good at impressions, or you’re not. The likeable Tony Rudd has such a versatile voice, but ‘Big Name Statues’ gave us something very different.

Tony Rudd

Tony used to do impressions full-time but gave it up a while back to work in a special school.

His act uses a selection of household items to do celebrity impressions. From Michael McIntyre to Homer Simpson to C3PO and more, it’s clear he absolutely loves it. The crowd did, too. He flew through with 4 yeses and radiated sheer joy.

Let’s see what impressions he can bring to the table next time. Perhaps he can climb further up the BGT odds from the halfway point he’s currently at. He’s 50/1 with Betfred.

Big Name Statues

Simon thought at first that it was literally a bunch of statues. Their costumes were magnificent. Imagine a crossover between actual statues and the ones in the street that move when you give them 20p. The curtain came up on this audition, with none of them introducing themselves to the judges. We had Queen Victoria, Charlie Chaplin, Shakespeare and many other famous faced statues on the stage.

Then they started singing Bohemian Rhapsody. I have absolutely no idea what relevance that had, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Strangely, it was quite enjoyable. Even the Sphynx’s paws were dancing.

I wonder if new statues will be brought to life next time? Simon and David loved it, despite it making no sense. They’re 25/1 with Ladbrokes.

Dodgy Dancers

Sometimes it stuns me that certain acts get put through. Yes, it’s a variety show, but come on.

Dr Dance

Doctor Dance. Peter Lovett is a university lecturer and academic doctor who wants to get the whole nation to dance. Fair enough, right?

It might not have been so bad if he could actually dance. He was slinging his arms all over the place and gyrating while getting the audience to join in. “Dad dancing” at it’s finest.

Somehow, everyone loved it. Perhaps it was a ‘had to be there’ thing. Let’s see if he makes it through the next stage of the competition. Dr Dance is 100/1 right now with Betfair.

Michael Sandwick

This 61-year old former dance teacher from New York started off his act by singing at the side of the stage. He then ballroom danced with a partner across the stage and behind a glittery curtain.

This is when the act took a turn. He stripped down to his pants.

Have you ever seen a 60+ male pole dancer? This was my first, and I think I can say the same for Simon & Co. too.

Accompanied by a choir singing the song he started at the beginning of the audition, Michael danced his way through. To be fair, he has got skills, but it was quite a shock.

David sabotaged Simon’s vote, meaning that Michael got three yeses and is going through to the next stage. He’s quite the outsider in the Britain’s Got Talent odds at the moment, so let’s hang on and see if he makes it through to the semi-finals, shall we? He’s 100/1 right now with Coral.

Money Makers

You know when Simon Cowell gets that look on his face? The look of realisation that he could make a lot of money from a particular act. Well, we’ve got two potential money makers heading into the next stage of the competition.

Libby & Charlie

These two kids are the best of friends, and it’s clear to see that they love dancing so much.

When asked what they would spend the prize money on if they won, Charlie said he would buy a trip to Bora Bora, which went down well with the audience.

Dancing to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, the duo could have been professionals. The emotion put into it, and the moves of course, were incredible.

Simon definitely saw star potential, and they danced their way through with 4 yeses. They’re currently 66/1 with Betfred.

Chapter 13

Unlucky for some, but not for these budding pop stars. The four young lads who make up Chapter 13 were all in School of Rock The Musical together. At least from the outset we knew there would be some talent.

Bless them. They had the full band set-up, with drums and guitars. Before they’d even played a note, Simon noted that they looked great. The cogs were turning in his head!

We were treated to a rock & roll performance of Signed, Sealed, Delivered which then went into a Stevie Wonder mash-up. It’s a bit ‘school talent show’ but they’re all good at their respective parts in the band.

Simon reckoned they reminded him of Busted. Fair play. They’ve got the stage presence, that’s for sure. It’s no wonder Amanda hit her Golden Buzzer for them.

Chapter 13 are currently sitting in the second favourite position at 4/1 with Ladbrokes in the Britain’s Got Talent odds after their Golden Buzzer success.

The Latest Britain’s Got Talent Odds

Amongst all of this, we’ve had a wedding proposal on-stage, mind-reading, magic and more.

If you’re looking to back your favourite, the way the BGT odds are sitting at the moment looks as though those with the Golden Buzzers are the most secure. This is because they’re going straight to the semi-finals, so don’t have to face the next lot of filtering out.

Found a new favourite who you think can make it the whole way? You can check out the latest Britain’s Got Talent odds and decide whether to look for value in an outsider or back whoever you think has got it in the bag.

As the semi-finals come around, and the naff acts who made it this car get sent packing, we are likely to see some re-shuffling in the BGT odds to win. Will you act now, or hang fire?

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