The Knockouts: Who Made it out of The Voice Brutalities unscathed?

March 26, 2019

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Prior to the knockouts, I gave my predictions of who I thought would make it to The Voice live shows. We’ve now had two weeks of more brutal decisions from the coaches.

In the knockouts, the coaches each had to narrow down their teams from six to two, meaning there would be eight artists entering the live shows for the semi-finals.

Each of the artists had their own song to sing on their own. A ‘killer’ song, if you will. One which would set them apart for a spot in the final stages of the competition.

Let’s see how the knockouts rolled out against my predictions:

Sir Tom Jones: Cedric & Deana

JHud Productions: Nicole & Moya

Team Will: Christina & Emmanuel

Team Olly: Georgia & Molly

As the competition has tightened, so have The Voice betting odds, so if you haven’t already backed your winner then you can use this to decide.

Team Tom

Knockout One

Tom had a solid team from the outset, and in the first set of knockouts, he had Roger Samuels, Deana and Equip to Overcome up against each other. This meant that only one of the three could go through, so they had to up their game to the max. Roger got off to a rocky start when he forgot the words, but came through strong at the end, and Equip to Overcome brought their gospel greatness to Kelly Rowland’s ‘When Love Takes Over’.

Deana sang ‘Dusk til Dawn’ by Zayn & Sia. It was effortlessly cool. She started off soft in her glittery tracksuit with guitar in hand, and then the band joined in for the chorus. Even stronger, more powerful and still effortless, she did a great job.

Tom chose Deana to take through to the semi’s and it was most definitely the right choice.

Knockout Two

In week two of the knockouts, Sir Tom had Ayanam, Bethzienna and my beloved Cedric up against each other for the second spot in Team Tom for the live shows. Ayanam sang Imagine Dragons’ ‘Thunder’ and Bethzienna put her heart and soul into an attitude-filled performance of Bishop Briggs’ ‘River’.

It goes without saying that I was backing Cedric from the outset. He sang a stripped back version of ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ which was a stark change to his usual lively, jazzy numbers. It was nice to see Cedric do something which just showed off how good he is without all of the add-ons. My superstar. And Tom’s.

And that makes both of my predictions for Team Tom correct!

Team JHud Productions

Knockout One

The first of Jen’s knockouts put Connie, Moya and Sarah up against each other and the outcome was surprising, for me anyway. Connie transformed into a full-on diva with incredible attitude and a high ponytail for added sass while she sang Anne-Marie’s ‘2002’. She rocked it. Sarah Tucker sang Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ and for me, it just lacked a bit of something. Maybe because she gave us a stripped-back rendition which never really reached a peak as the original did.

Moya sang ‘Woman’ which I hadn’t even heard before, but with a classic look and a strong performance, she wowed her way into a spot at the live semi-finals.

Personally, I thought Connie was better in this instance, but I’m sure Moya will smash it in the semi-finals.

Knockout Two

The second bout of knockouts brought together The Voice odds’ favourite Nicole Dennis, trio Remember Monday and Bukky Oronti. Remember Monday risked it with an original song, Jailbreaker. To be fair, it was them all over, packed out with attitude. Bukky aced her performance of Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ with an angelic soft tone.

Nicole sang Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’ and – WOW – her voice is just incredible. Absolutely effortless, and loved by both the public and JHud herself. As a result, she’s bagged herself a place in the live shows, and rightly so.

 That’s another two out of two correct predictions for the live shows.

Team Olly

Knockout One

Olly’s first three acts up against each other in the knockouts were Eva, Harrison and Jimmy. Eva sang Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’ with soul and strength. I reckon her guidance from singer Anne-Marie in rehearsals really paid off here, she was ace. Harrisen was a very strong contender too, singing ‘You Get What You Give’, commanding the stage with fantastic range and hitting those high notes.

Jimmy Balito was a steal for Olly in the battles, and he sang like his life depended on it. He sang Radiohead’s ‘High & Dry’ with his whole heart, making Olly well up! He meant every single word he sang, and that’s why he bagged a spot in Team Olly for the live shows.

Knockout Two

This was a tough one, with two of the strongest female voices up against each other for the second knockouts. Georgia overcame a trio in the battles, and stood up strong again with a sassy, vintage-feeling performance of Sam Sparro’s Black & Gold. Stefan stepped up and bravely took on Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’, nailing the super-fast bits and going for it with the high notes.

Molly sang Cristina Perry’s ‘Human’, and a favourite in Olly’s eyes since the outset, she gives him good reason to think highly of her. An angelic voice, and a special sound to it, she’s flying through to the live shows, keeping a solid spot among the favourites in The Voice betting odds.

One right, one wrong for my predictions in Team Olly.

Team Will

Knockout One

Up first for Will was NXTGEN versus Callum and Gabriel. Gabriel gave us a lively rendition of Sigala’s ‘Just Got Paid’ which had the crowd going and Olly up and dancing out of his chair. Callum also stepped up his game this time. He’s usually pretty timid on-stage, but he came out singing Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’ and was connecting with the audience so much more than we’ve seen previously. Proud of him.

NXTGEN were Will’s favourite, making it through to the live shows. Good for them, sad for me. It’s a running theme that I can’t deal with them, but give them their due, they were alright with their performance of Beyoncé & Naughty Boy’s ‘Runnin’. They even added in their own rap which worked out pretty well.

Knockout Two

The second round of knockouts for Team Will included Emmanuel, Ilianna and Christina. To be fair to Ilianna, she did a great job of Randy Crawford’s ‘Street Life’, and I liked it, which is more than I did for her last performance. She gave it all she had. Christina sang Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ and was so strong and confident, putting everything into it. It’s a shame she was in the same group as Emmanuel, as I’d have liked them to both go through.

Emmanuel, however, nailed it. As I thought he might. I didn’t even know the song he sang, which was ‘Made A Way’ by Travis Greene, but his voice was just delightful. It’s quite a heartfelt song, too, so there were a few teary eyes there. Will took Emmanuel through, and now I really think he could make it all the way.

So, that’s a 50% success rate on my Team Will prediction.

The Voice Betting Odds – Heading into the Semi Finals

And then there were eight. Six out of eight predictions isn’t too shabby, is it? A 75% success.

It’s all change now, though. The live shows means that it’s not just down to the coaches anymore. The public can have their say, too.

You could even have your say on the coaches if you like. JHud is mentoring favourite Nicole Dennis, and is also the favourite to grasp the winning coach title.

I wonder if the public votes will shake up The Voice betting and give us a last-minute twist to proceedings. Nicole has been comfortably at the top of The Voice odds for a while now, but I see no reason for the others to crop up.

Okay. From these eight, let’s predict a final four. In no particular order: Nicole, Cedric, Emmanuel, Molly.

Find The Voice betting odds here

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