The State of Faroese Club Football

May 27, 2019

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Betri deildin menn

Founded: 1942

Most Championships: HB, 23

Last 5 Winners: HB (18), Vikingur (17, 16), B36 (15, 14)

UEFA Ranking: 50th

Highest Ranked Club: Vikingur, 256th

Interview with football correspondent for Faroese paper Sosialurin, Tróndur Arge

As a minnow of European Football, what do Faroes fans and teams expect from their European campaigns and what would qualify as a success?

Since around 2010-2012 people are expecting the teams to try very hard in the European campaigns. There was a time when money was the most important issue and they would sometimes save money rather than travel early and with a full squad, but now teams go all in no matter what the other team is.

Success hinges a lot on the draw. If we play teams from other minnow nations, we believe we can win. Then as soon as we are talking about better and richer teams, success for our sides is being competitive. As long as we try hard the supporters are forgiving and supporting.

How much do the fans and teams look forward to European competition?

The games are played in the holidays and sometimes that affects the crowd number. I would say that the European games are growing in importance, but big league games and games like the cup final are bigger.

But we saw last year that B36 Tórshavn had a sell-out for the game against Besiktas. There is also an issue that except from HB Tórshavn and B36 Tórshavn teams like NSÍ, Víkingur and KÍ have to play at other venues when playing in Europ. KÍ are the best-supported club in the country and are rebuilding the ground in Klaksvík so they can play European games at home. They will easily sell out all their seats.

There is also a collective thought that we have to do well in Europe, so we keep the four places and don’t lose out to other leagues.

There is also the question of squad depth. Faroese squads are not very big and four to six games in the summer when the other teams are resting can take its toll.

Is funding ever a problem for Faeroese sides in European competition in regards getting to and from away games?

The latest rise in prize money has been a blessing for travels and preparation. It used to be a problem where we even have had teams travel on the same day to cut costs. Now every team prepares as best possible and travels days in advance.

The problem is now that the big clubs are getting so much prize money that the rest can’t keep up. There are five big clubs and four European tickets.

Is a Champions League / Europa League game involving Faroes side watched by most of the nation?

No. The big winners are the national team games, the cup final and the big league games. But the European games are growing on us. We get better and better results. As I sad B36 had a sell-out against Besiktas and KÍ will fill their stadium once they play in Klaksvík. But because the games are played in the summer holiday there is a sense of off-season feeling.

Do you think UEFA are doing enough to help the minnows of European football and what can they do to further help them?

I think UEFA are doing a lot of things very well. They provide funding and a platform for minnows to compete on the big stage. But there are also times where you need people to understand that football here is amateur and that there are no dangers when a game is on. You can’t use the same rulebook for games in small nations like the Faroe Islands and in big countries.

Interview with football correspondent for Faroese paper Sosialurin, Tróndur Arge

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