The Voice Auditions Are Over, Bring On The Battles

February 21, 2019

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Seven gruelling weeks of often brutal hits to people’s self-esteem have finally come to a close, and forty hopefuls have been lucky enough to make it through to The Voice 2019 battles.

The final week of auditions means that it was the last week that we had to endure Olly, JHud, Will and Sir Tom in the same outfits they’ve worn since the start of the series. Yes, Jennifer’s rainbow dress was nice the first few times we saw it and Olly’s black jumper with the little red bits on was cute, but they must be due a wash by now.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened in the last edition of the blind auditions.

Turn or No Turn?

There were 5 spots left to be filled by this point and only the very best was good enough for the coaches. In their eyes, at least.


Nineteen-year old Shivon took to the stage with complete confidence, prepared to show off everything she had, and it paid off. She sang Fine Line by Mabel, and included some rapping, high notes and everything in between with power from start to the very finish. A ball of enthusiasm, she jumped up and down like a lunatic when Will turned at the last second, and rightly so.

Shivon is one to watch, and although she’s currently high up in The Voice betting odds, once the battles kick in I’m sure she’ll take that value and fly down to join the big players.

Her little sister was side-stage during the audition and has the biggest admiration for both her big sis and Will. She came on stage at the end and got a big hug from Happy times for the whole family.


Ayanam travelled the short distance from Burnage to his audition, and kept his song choice local, too. He brought us a stripped-back version of Wonderwall, which was brave considering the auditions are held in Manchester and you know what people can be like about Oasis. Luckily, his take on the song made it sound different to the renditions we often hear.

In fact, he got a standing ovation once Sir Tom turned, so he must’ve done something right.

It turns out that Ayanam has been doing open mic nights 4 times a week, but his nerves still showed in the post-audition discussion. He looks and acts quite timid, but maybe it’s the size of the audience this time. Let’s see how he combats his nerves in the battles.

Kieron Smith

Starting as a choir boy, Kieron then reverted to his bedroom, and in his early 20s had the urge to grow his confidence and give it a shot. The scouser sang Train’s Drops of Jupiter which I hadn’t heard in years, and it was nice to hear something from the archives.

He was good, but the faces Tom was pulling throughout gave an impression that Kieron might not be the best he’s heard. Luckily, JHud had been waiting for a male vocalist, and with this being almost her last chance to secure it, she went for it.

Kieron is quite high up in The Voice betting odds at the moment, but if he makes it through the battles, he may show further potential. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the battles, as it will be one heck of a tough competition on Jennifer’s team. We shall see.

Lauren Hope

She grew up in Blackpool, singing in her parents’ pubs through the years, but not wanting to end up as a bingo caller or a cabaret artist, Lauren has come to The Voice to try and get her big break. The coaches faces within just a few seconds of her beginning her audition proved that she had something that other people don’t. She sang ‘Addicted to Love’ with effortless power.

Her vocal range is pretty amazing. Seeing her little niece at the side of the stage rooting for her was just too cute. Olly turned at the last minute, thankfully, but she was so into the song she didn’t even notice him until the song finished.

Will then invited Rosie, her niece, down to sit on his chair and hit the buzzer, and do the turn, and everything. Jealous.

Lauren is sitting about half way up in the stakes, but I’ve a feeling she’ll smash through the battles and fly into the favourites in The Voice betting odds in no time. Watch this space.


This audition was well and truly bonkers. But a cool bonkers, of course.

Twenty-seven-year old Marina is part Italian and was classically trained growing up. Seeing her strut into the waiting room with her pug on a lead was a little extra, but bear with her.

She sang ‘Show me Love’ and took us on a journey through an operatic falsetto and some beat-boxing throughout the song. Honestly, it was mad. Sir Tom hit his buzzer just in the nick of time.
She does have a great voice, as does her dog, apparently. She says something to him, and he howls a little note. It is pretty cute.

Marina flew into the top four favourites in The Voice betting odds almost immediately after her audition. The question is, was it due to her singing, the cuteness of her pug, or the fact that she could make the dog sing?

She’ll breeze through the battles easily, I’m sure.

The Unlucky Few

Quite frankly, I got annoyed in this episode because it was evident that the coaches who had one spot left were clinging onto it for dear life, and very reluctant to give it up.

I feel like these few were unfortunate in the timings of their auditions because they were incredible but got no turns. Perhaps if they’d have auditioned earlier in the process, they may have stood a chance. Speculation of course, but it did feel utterly brutal.


Stylish warehouse manager Phillipa sings from the second her shift starts to when it ends. She plans to leave her 9-5 in order to pursue her dream to be a full-time singer. Pelting out a version of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’ which had a distinct ‘I love Rock & Roll’ vibe to it was pretty cool, and it showcased a huge vocal range.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get any turns, and so her decision to quit the 9 to 5 looks like a risky one. I reckon she’s got what it takes if she keeps going at it though. Very surprised nobody turned.


Amy has perhaps one of the cutest stories. No sob story, but sob-ensuing. She is the ‘Legion Scotland Sweetheart’ for the Royal British Legion. Amy sings for the Scottish Legion, performing the old favourite songs for ex-soldiers which take them back to their youth, and sometimes even bringing them to tears. The VT before her audition had me going, seeing the ex-soldiers with all of their war medals, rooting for her.

She sang a soulful rendition of The Emotions ‘Best of my Love’. I thought it was brilliant, and the coaches clearly did too, dancing in their seats. Olly looked like he was 100% ready to turn, and Tom looked blown away. They all chickened out at the last minute, with Olly reckoning there was ‘no spark’.

Hopefully she’ll come back and give it another go soon.


Seventeen-year old best mates Georgia and Missy, aka GGMK, missed out this time. Missy, who is Ronan Keating’s daughter, unfortunately couldn’t channel her dad’s talent as much as she needed to at this point. The pair sang Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ with a guitar, and with really good harmonies. Olly tinkered towards his buzzer but decided against it in the end, leaving them without a turn.

Georgia’s outfit choice was a bit bizarre, looking rather like a Bratz doll. It seems neither her fashion nor her voice could help with that all-important turn this time.

The coaches agreed that GGMK were good, but that was all. Perhaps we’ll see them again next year, maybe before the coaches start clinging onto their team spots for dear life.

What is it your dad says, Missy? Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it.

Heading Into Battle

The Voice betting odds have fluctuated as we’ve seen more people get through each week, and the original favourites have been separated and re-jigged. Don’t get too comfortable with the way it is now, though! Come next week, it’s all change again.

Contestants are paired up by their coach within their teams and go head to head. One will secure a spot in the next rounds, and the other will face the boot – and I’m not talking about JHud’s boot this time.

Each coach has one ‘steal’ so if they feel like a top talent is going to be heading home, they can save them and bring them onto their team.

It will be a brutal watch, but we can’t wait to see how they do, and to see how The Voice betting odds change within the next few weeks.

Will you back your winner now, or hold back and see if they survive the battles? The ball is in your court.

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