The Voice is back for 2019 – Here’s What to Expect

January 2, 2019

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The concept of the show is simple – if they’ve got a good voice, they’re in with a chance. It’s not about looks or sob stories, and so the clue to the premise of the show is in the name. If you’ve got an ear for a good voice and you’re already sure that you’ll be voicing your robust opinion from your own sofa, it’s probably best for you to explore The Voice betting odds as the series unfolds, so you can put money when your mouth is.

ITV’s The Voice is returning for its eighth series, bringing back the same four coaches as last year. Welsh legend Sir Tom Jones, American musician and producer, American songstress Jennifer Hudson and home-grown talent Olly Murs are back again to battle it out.

You may have seen the promo trailer on ITV with the coaches performing the intro to Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’. Sir Tom is seen on the drums, Olly and Will are on guitar, with Jennifer “J-Hud” Hudson on the keyboard. Presenter Emma Willis is in charge of the sound deck, and then it pans to the microphone with ‘Singer Wanted’ across the screen.

The hopefuls who are put through their paces on the show are competing for a recording contract with Polydor Records.

How it works

As with all of our favourite talent competitions, The Voice broadcasts the initial auditions at the start of the series, so we can see the journeys of the best and the dream-crushing of others.

In the past, we would have spent half of an audition episode rolling on the floor laughing at the state of some people whose friends have politely told them they should audition for a singing show when they definitely should not have.

The difference with The Voice is that the majority of people who walk onto the stage actually have a decent voice, and so the competition is stepped up a notch. Without attention-seeking sob stories or bizarre introductions, contestants walk on to the stage and just start singing.

In a change-up to the entry requirements for the show, trios will now be allowed to audition, rather than just solo artists and duos as it has been previously. This opens the door, we assume, to heaps more talent, making the decisions even more difficult for the coaches. Perhaps they’ll find the next Destiny’s Child?

At the start of each audition, the coaches are sat in their own big, fancy red seats, facing the audience rather than the stage. When they hear a voice which strikes the right chord, they press their button and their chair spins around. This is when they will see the act for the first time. If more than one coach spins around, the decision of which coach to join lands on the contestant.

If none of the judges spin around, the act just leaves the stage. No-nonsense on that front. No tears, no punching your singing partner on-stage. Refreshing.

The Competition

After a series of auditions, each coach will have created their team. That was the easy bit. From here on out it gets ruthless.

The Battles

The battle rounds put up members of the same team up against each other. Say for example, Team ‘J Hud Productions’ led by Jennifer Hudson, was up first. Each act in her group would be paired up, and each pair would duet on a song, whilst actually competing against their partner.

At the end of the song, the coach then picks who they want to keep. We wonder if there’s any tactical grouping going on, or if it’s the producers who manage that? Hmm…

For four lucky battle-losers, however, they have an opportunity to re-join the competition.

Each of the four coaches has one ‘steal’ where they can take on one of the losers from a battle into their own team if they see potential.

The Knockouts

Each act gets to sing their show-stopper songs, putting their own style into their signature tunes. The coaches again must choose who they are going to save from within their own teams.
There are no steals here, it’s either good news or bad.

Contestants who make it past the knockouts will make it to the live shows.

The Live Shows

At this point, the public get the chance to have their say on who stays and who strays from the live shows.

When the show moved to ITV in 2017, the format got a bit of a shake-up to freshen it up.

We’re not sure yet how many people will make it to the live shows, or how many live shows there will be, but what we do know is that it’s set to be an adventure!

Hedge your Bets

It goes without saying that the odds will pop up as the competition gets to a start this Saturday 5th January. We imagine they’ll start floating around for a few weeks during the initial episodes and continue to shuffle about until the final.

Whether you’re a seasoned superfan, or perhaps see yourself as a good judge of talent, there are plenty of The Voice betting odds to look out for over the coming weeks.

At the moment, we can only bet on our favourite coach to produce a winning act, as we’ve not seen any contestants yet.

The famous red chairs have seated some big names in music over the years, from The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue to Boy George and Kylie Minogue. It’s no wonder the bookies open up the odds to bet on your winning coach.

Surely if you’ve got a soft spot or a nostalgic link to one of the coaches, you’ll be more inclined to back them. We’ve got a diverse panel at the moment, all with different tastes and takes on music.

Olly Murs is my not-so-guilty pleasure and so I’ll be backing him all the way. Despite his rise to fame on the X Factor, and then presenting the show a few years later, he may have a few sly side-eyes heading in his direction from Simon Cowell and his cronies, but he needn’t worry, he gets an eyelash flutter from me.

All Voice and No Noise?

The only thing which consistently hangs over The Voice, albeit quite a big thing, is that it hasn’t yet produced any global megastars. Or even just UK megastars.

We’ve seen X Factor winners conquer the global music industry, but winners of The Voice? Unless you’re a big fan, could you name any?

Unfortunately, the winner of The Voice UK 2017, Mo, was dropped by his record label after failing to make an impact after his debut album release. Yikes!

Perhaps this year could be the year that the winner dons a metaphorical jetpack and blasts out into the worldwide music sphere.

Luckily for those seeking out The Voice betting odds, you don’t have to bet on how successful they’ll be, just how well they’ll do in the competition!

Here are the bookies offering The Voice betting odds

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