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February 6, 2019

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Another six acts made it through to the battles in week five and have infiltrated The Voice betting odds to win at all levels. Quick trivia before we begin:

What do these acts all have in common?

Destiny’s Child. Mis-Teeq. Busted. A-ha. Take That. Bananarama. Stereophonics. Sugababes. N-Dubz.

At one point or another, they have had three members. Admittedly, some are miles better than others, but the power of three is what we’re focusing on.

Looking at the selection, they are particularly eighties, nineties and noughties favourites. Some of them remain iconic in our memories, and others are still churning out bangers.

Luckily, it seems like N-Dubz are well and truly off the scene now.

While we have lots of solo singers and bands with 4 or 5 members, we’re having a bit of a lull with the trios, especially in the charts.

Is that about to change?

The Voice Welcomes Trios

This series, for the first time since the show began in the UK, The Voice is allowing trios to audition. They must have been waiting around for this opportunity for a while because there have been some smashing trios set foot on that stage this year.

While not all of them have been turned for, the calibre of the voices are great.

The Voice odds are changing week on week as we see more acts go through the competition, but I reckon a trio might have some value.

Three’s Not a Crowd

It seems like the trios have gone down a treat so far in the competition, with each of the four coaches having a group in their team at this point.

It’s also a good job none of the groups are named after how many members there are. Just in case. I mean, S Club 3 doesn’t quite have the same ring. 5ive now has the magic 3 members. Awkward.

Let’s take a look.

Equip To Overcome

Hoping to bring Gospel into the charts are Gabrielle, Yolanda and Shalom, a.k.a. Equip To Overcome. They met at university, studied on the same course, and lived in the same block. So, naturally, they ended up creating their own gospel group. And wow, are we glad they did.

In week five, they became the latest trio to get through to the battles by performing a jaw-dropping version of ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ with harmonies, heart and soul throughout.

Another a cappella rendition of the introduction after the audition confirmed that they really are brilliant.

Tom, Jennifer and Will all turned for Equip to Overcome, and they chose to continue with Sir Tom Jones.


Our next trio is made up of 22-year-old Cian, and 21-year-olds Sonny and Joel, a proper northern bunch from the Greater Manchester area.

They took to the floor in week three and gave Justin Timberlake a run for his money with the high notes in ‘Cry Me a River’. Their harmonies were ace, and each of their mums were bouncing around at the side of the stage with excitement as their sons took control of the stage.

NXTGEN got turns from both and Olly and chose to join Will’s team.

They were originally in a group called ‘Yes Lad’ who got on the X Factor but didn’t make it to the live shows. Two members down, and they seem better than before.

The boys have got a NXTGEN YouTube channel where they upload acoustic videos, with a different one of them playing the guitar on each video. It’s clear they’ve got a knack for playing as well as singing.

The Voice betting odds 2019

Remember Monday

Remember Monday are a country-pop girl group consisting of Holly-Anne, Lauren and Charlotte.

These three girls auditioned in week one and sang Seal’s ‘Kiss From a Rose’. They began their audition A Capella, and afterward, Jennifer Hudson asked them to do it again because it was so good. All four of the coaches turned for Remember Monday, which goes to show how great they are. The girls chose to join JHud’s team.

Remember Monday played a number of festivals in the summer before their audition, and the release of their debut single ‘Drive’ hit number 1 in the iTunes Country Music Charts the same day it was released.

With that confidence boost behind them, there is no doubt that they could go all the way in this competition.

The Flatpack

Lovers of DIY furniture building, perhaps? The Flatpack is made up best mates Duncan, Jamie and Nathan from Brighton. Two of them are painters and decorators, and they often draft in the third member for help so they can sing while they work.

Clearly taking inspiration from the Vegas ‘Rat Pack’ and the likes of Sinatra, these gents sang ‘Luck Be a Lady’ in week two’s auditions.

They had Olly dancing in his seat, and it felt like some kind of high-end production with the brass instruments behind them.

Olly turned at the last second, hitting his buzzer with his head.

I for one can’t wait to see what Olly and The Flatpack produce and how they’ll fare up in the battles at the next stage. They’re currently massive outsiders in The Voice odds, but it would be great to see their odds shorten once the battles commence!

Three is a Magic Number

Here we have such a variety of genres. Country, gospel, swing and pop. Take your pick. There’s something for everyone by the looks of things, and there’s no saying who could take the top spot out of the four of these.

With each of the four coaches having each of the four trios (so far), it’s a level playing ground in the chance that they have to get through.

What’s Next?

The next stage of the competition is the battles, where each coach must pair up their acts to perform against each other in order to whittle down the number of acts in their teams.

It’s great that it’s worked out so that not one coach has all of them, they are spread out leaving equal opportunity.

Who Could Win The Voice?

Well, that is the question we’d all like to know so we could bet on the winner!

For the first part of the competition, the decisions are in the hands of the judges. The vote is opened to the public further down the line, where we will really see what the public love, or could live without.

I reckon The Voice odds to win will be fully shaken up throughout the battles, when the coaches have to make the ultimate decision.

It would be great if a trio won in the first year of them being able to enter. Of course, their success will depend on how well they can adapt and learn throughout the process without losing the bits that we like most initially.

The question is, can we find the next Destiny’s Child or Take That?

Winners of the voice are historically not as successful as winners of rival shows, but perhaps this year is the year that will change.

Let’s kick back and watch the competition unfold.

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