Week Two: The Updated Love Island Betting Odds

June 13, 2019

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We’re well into the second week in the stunning villa in sunny Mallorca, while the weather here probably couldn’t be any more opposite. They say a day in the villa is like a week, a week is like a month, and so on, which appears to be true with the developments we’ve seen so far.

High-level overview: Every man on earth is Molly-Mae’s type, new threats have arrived, and Sherif has been kicked out. The Love Island betting odds have had a good old shaking up.

Good Golly, Miss Molly-Mae

They love to stir stuff up in the villa, so what better way than to throw in a girl who self-admittedly fancies every fella she walks past? She told three of them, who are very different, that they were all her ‘type’.  Having coupled up with Tommy Fury, she even succumbed to pretending to fall asleep by the pool to get one of the other lads’ attention.

Indecisive, greedy, ‘keeping her options open’. All of these could easily be applied to Molly-Mae after her behaviour earlier this week.

However, on Tuesday, after a ‘serious chat’ the night before, Molly-Mae told Tommy that she thinks what they have is stronger than what she’s got with Anton and Danny. Well, Tommy was certainly buzzing at the time, but he lost his head a bit when the new islanders arrived later in the week.

The pair has slid further down from the middle-ground of the Love Island odds to win this week, particularly with the stronger couples blooming and the new competition that has entered. It’s early days though, so there’s value in a punt on this pair, at least.  In fact, the Love Island odds at the moment for the top man have Tommy up there in the mix.

Half-Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Amy and Curtis

Chosen by their villa pals to spend a night in the hideaway, Curtis and Amy took their coupling to the next level. Poised in the hot tub with a glass of prosecco, they agreed that their heads wouldn’t be turned.

Curtis asked Amy to be exclusive, but not to be his girlfriend. After all, it had only been 9 days. Bless him, though, he admitted it was in the pipeline. So, to each other, they’re half bf/gf, but in layman’s terms, they’re ‘seeing each other’.

The pair had an evening of alone time and it made me root for them even more. They are genuine, chilled, funny and not about the drama at all, which is a bit of a change. Amy had a wobble later in the week, but it looks like Curtis is still head over heels, so they’ll be safe.

On their return to the villa, the girls and boys chatted separately and shared the excitement, but it wasn’t long before their thunder was stolen.

Lucie and Joe

Or ‘Juicy’, as Joe keeps calling them. Interestingly, and almost shockingly, I don’t think Lucie has mentioned a ‘bev’ this week. Is this a tell-tale sign that she’s not fully into Joe yet if she’s not called him a bev? Or perhaps she’s just seen sense with her awful made-up lingo. Probably the latter.

Anyway, they got a text telling them they were off on a date. They went paddle-boarding, so Lucie was right at home.

They then ended up chatting about their pairing.  Bless Joe, he said to her that they were “kind-of exclusive” and she laughed with a “yeah, I guess”. Despite sounding a little less romantic than Curtis, it seems like they’re a solid pairing for now too.

Amy was annoyed that Joe had swooped in on the same day they announced their exclusivity, though. She also remarked that Lucie never spends any time with the girls anymore, she’s always with Joe. Awks, but they resolved it.

Screen Time!

Finally! We have seen so much more of Michael and Yewande this week, and I love them both. They seem like genuinely lovely people so I’m glad we’ve got more variation from just the trio of blonde girls.

Yewande’s time to shine came when new boy Danny chose her to go on a date, and they hit it off from the start. Both clearly into each other, they have talked and laughed a lot, but Danny, obviously wanted to get to know everyone first. Everyone, aka, flipping Molly-Mae. Luckily Tommy told him before-hand that he wanted to take the relationship further, so that should mean Danny can focus on Yewande. Please, Danny, do it for us!

Michael, the other half of Yewande’s non-romantic couple, has upped his game this week too. He finally plucked up the courage to tell wildfire Amber that he likes her. She’s made a name for herself as being quite abrupt with lads, so I can imagine he was nervous as hell. All was going swimmingly until he tried to kiss her, and she wouldn’t let him. We later found out it was because she was worried she had bad breath. They reconvened later on after she’d used some mouthwash and had their first smooch. Hopefully, Amber will soften up a bit for Michael now. He’s so sweet.

We heard before Tuesday’s episode that Sherif has been kicked out of the villa, but they won’t tell us why. Some say it’s because he had snuck his own phone into the villa, others have speculated that he ‘spent a lot of the time in the shower’. We’ll leave that there. Hopefully, someone will spot him at the airport while he awaits his flight home and grill him.

The New Gals

Wednesday night, we saw two new girls enter the villa, stirring the pot yet again.

Maura and Elma chose three of the lads each to cook them part of a three-course meal. Molly-Mae was fuming before she’d even seen them, saying: “I’ve never seen a hot girl called Maura and I’ve never seen a hot girl called Elma”. Well, now you have, honey.

Tommy can not cook. Self-confessed, he can’t even crack an egg. But COME ON, LAD. He served bread – not even toasted – with a slice of square cheese on, then covered in mayo and ketchup. This may be a stretch at a half-attempt at hangover food, but not when you’re trying to impress.

Anyways, I’m not sure which girl is which yet, but I can tell one of them is going to get on my nerves. She has made a beeline for Tommy, told him she’s a ring-girl and his head is mashed.

The rest of the girls are worried, particularly Yewande about Danny, Amber about Michael and Molly-Mae about Tommy.

Drama. Will the fellas stay true to their girls or will they crumble at the sight of two stunning new ladies?

Favourites in the Love Island Odds to Win

While Lucie and Joe got off to a difficult start in the villa, their announcement of exclusivity after their date has cemented them into a top two position in the Love Island betting odds for now – they’re 9/2 with Betfred.

Leading the way, of course, are the mum and dad of the villa, Amy and Curtis. It was tipped from the outset that these guys would win. With their growing relationship, the chances look even more likely. They’re odds on with some bookmakers but best price 7/4 with BoyleSports.

With Michael and Amber’s kiss finally taking place, they’ve climbed the odds a little this week to 5/1 with Coral. Now we just have to wait and see how they develop, since they’re taking baby steps. It’s clear neither of them are taking Joe’s tactics of going ‘factor 50’ with the expression of admiration.

There is plenty of scope for things to change up in the Love Island odds though, especially with the two new arrivals.

Anna is looking like the favourite to be the first girl eliminated, thanks to Sherif being a whopper and getting himself kicked out. To be honest, though, Yewande, Amber and Molly-Mae may also be at risk if the boys’ heads are turned by the newbies.

It’s not long now until the next re-coupling, so time is of the essence for the islanders to secure a partner.

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