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January 22, 2019

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We’ve just seen the third week of blind auditions, and Jennifer Hudson has now thrown not one shoe, but both of her glittery Louboutin boots at an act because they had “so much soul”. Let’s see who is shining the brightest before you dive straight into The Voice betting odds.

We’ve had Sir Tom singing hits with a fully-standing audience, Olly singing his X Factor audition song, and all four of the coaches up and dancing to an encore. Yes, an encore from an audition. This is one heck of a show.

From original songs, jazzy numbers, to rock tunes and back again, we’ve been lucky to see such variation in these few weeks of blind auditions. Sometimes the coaches can’t even tell whether it’s one person or three, whether it’s a male or female voice, or even an act’s age, which adds to the beauty of the show.

The Best So Far – My Top Five

Now, each person’s ear for a good voice is bound to be different, so I’m going to go through my five mega-favourite acts who have made it onto a team so far in the competition. Love it or hate it, you can side with me or prove me wrong in how you approach The Voice betting odds as the competition hots up.

Cedric Neal

One word, three letters. WOW. Texan-born Brighton resident Cedric Neal had more energy than a lot of singers and frontmen I have seen live myself. With 43 years of life experience under his belt, now was the perfect time for Cedric to audition. Growing up singing at church and performing on Broadway have built a confident but conscientious star in the making.
He sang Stevie Wonder’s ‘Higher Ground’, and his dance moves had the audience clapping along in no time. All four coaches had hit their buzzers and spun around within 40 seconds of his first note.

Jennifer Hudson threw both of her Louboutin’s at him during the performance. And she had good reason. The guy has got soul. Lots of it. I would be over the moon if he won this competition!

He is so full of life and gives off such an aura of positivity. He even got an encore on the go with will.i.am and JHud busting some incredible moves with him.

Remember Monday

The power of the trios is coming in strong, so thank heavens they opened the entries up to them this year. Remember Monday were one of the first acts we saw in the auditions. The harmonising angels’ a Capella introduction to Seal’s ‘Kiss With a Rose’ were an immediate decision maker – they had to get a place with that talent.

Four turns from the coaches gave them the pick of the bunch. Power to the ladies here, who chose to join team JHud productions. They are going to smash this competition, I’m sure of it.

Grace Latchford

Seventeen-year-old Grace, from Coventry, has been writing her own music since she was 11. It was ultra-brave of her to dive in and sing an original song for her blind audition, and boy did it pay off.

Sir Tom Jones was the only of the four coaches who turned for Grace, and it is, in fact, the first time a coach has ever turned for an original song. If that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is.

Sarah Tucker

The mum who wanted kids and a music career now has kids, so it’s time for the music career. She belted out Shawn Mendes’ ‘In My Blood’ and got an incredible response from not only the coaches but the audience too. And, of course, her two cute little kids watching from the side-lines made everything SO much cuter.

She sings alongside trying to build a career as a mortgage broker, but if she goes on to win this, she can leave the mortgage broking to someone else.

All four coaches turned for Sarah, who then decided to join team JHud productions.

Nicole Dennis

In the first week of auditions, Nicole Dennis sang The Greatest Showman’s ‘Never Enough’. The real highlight of her audition, however, was a duet with JHud. As an understudy for the role which Jennifer played in Dreamgirls, the pair of them sang ‘And I Am Telling You’ from the musical and it was just beautiful.

Naturally, Nicole chose to join team JHud productions, and rightly so.

The Voice betting

More Voices, More Betting Choices

The Flat Pack

The Flat Pack is not only a brilliant name, but it has three fantastic voices. The three friends from Brighton sang Sinatra’s ‘Luck Be a Lady’ which saw Olly Murs dancing his heart out in his seat, and then proceeding to hit his buzzer with his head.

Emmanuel Smith

Another one to watch is Emmanuel Smith. Originally from Ghana but living in Lewisham, he sang ‘Hallelujah’ which is JHud’s favourite song. Olly and Tom both turned at the last second, giving Emmanuel the choice of all four coaches. JHud claimed he “sang the clouds out of heaven”, yet after hearing that Will had the same unfortunate start in life as him, he joined Will’s team.

Luke Swatman

Luke Swatman surprised us all with his operatic audition, showcasing all kinds of talent within his range and the layers in his voice. He admitted he had only been singing opera for 18 months, which gives the impression that he would have the tools to perform a variety of songs.

Christina Ellinas

Liverpool-born Christina Ellinas blew the audience away with a powerful and energetic rendition of Sigala’s Lullaby. She had great control of her voice. So much so that Olly, Tom and Will were all keen to have her join their teams. In the end, she joined Team Will.

Jimmy Balito

He didn’t get a turn last year, but he picked himself up and tried again. Jimmy sang Tom Odell’s ‘Concrete’ and it was definitely worth it, as he’s now got a spot in the competition. Both Sir Tom and JHud turned around for Jimmy this time, praising the originality of his voice, and his falsetto. Jimmy joined team Tom. It goes to show how much can change in one year. He should go far.

Betting on The Voice

Obviously, each week has more acts come through the auditions, my top five might change. Your top five might change. We don’t know what we’ll see next week just yet, but Cedric is staying put! The quality of talent is high this year, as ever, so it’s true what they say, anything could happen. Just take a look at The Voice betting odds week after week and you’ll see some creeping up while some slip behind in the running for the winning spot.

Your Favourite Judge

Olly Murs is my not-guilty-at-all pleasure. I always thought I would side with Olly to win, but the more I watch, the more I notice that his pitches for the acts to pick him seem pretty half-hearted in comparison to his peers. He’s the ‘cheeky chappy’ but his pitches seem a lot less lively than his personality appears.

You can vote on your favourite judge across a few of the betting sites. Maybe I need to rethink my favourite judge. But also, I couldn’t betray Olly. Dilemma.

It might just be a coincidence that most of my top picks are now on Jennifer’s team, or maybe the acts admire her most. Maybe it’s girl power. We can’t say for sure just yet.

Perhaps you could back your winning judge based on how many people have chosen them so far? Maybe you’re a big fan of Sir Tom, or you like the type of acts JHud spins for. Check out some of The Voice betting odds to find out which coaches are looking likely to win, week after week.

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