The bookmakers offering the best White Christmas betting odds for 2018

🎵 “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…” 🎵

But are you, though, seriously? Because surely you could dream about something else? Like a trip to Macha Pichu? Or having a Ferrari? Or scoring in the World Cup final?

“I’m dreaming of betting on a White Christmas”, is probably a better phrase, because at least you might get something out of it. All you’re going to get out of a white Christmas is delays on the roads and freezing hands.

But when it comes to betting: one, there’s money, two, there’s a thrill, and three, there’s the potential smugness of being right.

Also, these days there are loads of markets open for it, like is it going to snow in Belfast, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Leeds, Manchester and more.

For you to win your bet, all you need is just one snowflake to drop within the 24 hours on the 25th December at the weather station in the city you bet on. Five days beforehand is usually when the ‘accurate’ forecasts are usually made, but you surely know better than to trust the weather (wo)man. They are pretty useless (no offence, Tomasz Schafernaker).

“But when was the last time we had snow?” I hear you ask. Well, bets would have been won in 2015 in certain areas, 10% of the stations across the country saw snow falling, however, there was no snow lying on the ground. In terms of snow that was actually useful for non-betting man and beast, well that was back in 2010 when we were absolutely covered in the stuff. 83% of the weather stations across the UK recorded snow on the ground which was the highest amount ever recorded, and more than enough for a majority of the country to wake up and make a snowman.

🎵 “Do you want to a build a snowman?” 🎵

No, fuck off, you annoying bastard. Let me eat my pigs-in-blanket in peace.

Do you want some more stats on Christmas Day snow? No? Well, tough luck, you’re getting some:

  • Over half of all years on record have had a White Christmas
  • The probability of a White Christmas in Lerwick is 75%, in London it’s 6%, in Aberdeen it’s 53%, in Birmingham it’s 15%, and in Belfast it’s 22%
  • Northern Scotland has had snow on Christmas Day 34 times in the last 56 years
  • The coldest UK Christmas Day was recorded at -18.3°C in Durham in 1878
  • The UK gets an average of 33 days of snow a year
  • The deepest snow in UK Christmas Day was 47cm in Perthshire in 1981

So where can you get White Christmas betting odds for this natural occurring ‘phenomenon’ happening in 2018?

Well right below, you can!

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