Why I’ve backed Harry Redknapp as my King of the Jungle

November 28, 2018

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First of all, his son found out he was going into the jungle by reading the newspaper. One of the first pieces of information he divulged to his campmates was that he once ran over his beloved wife. Despite this, Harry Redknapp has proven himself to be a loving, caring, hilarious fella, and we couldn’t admire him more.

From footy manager to Emperor’s assistant advisor, to drinking blended pig’s bits, we’ve seen some different sides to Harry. The main reason he’s carried any task through is because of the fear that his grandkids will get upset if he doesn’t do it. Bless him.

Full of jokes and even more full of anecdotes, here’s the lowdown on why cheeky chappy ‘Arry is my number one, and Ladbrokes’ number one (at 4/5), to be crowned King of the Jungle on this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Can we please applaud the producers for making his entrance into the jungle a homage to his iconic hang-out-the-car-window? Bravo.

Harry’s attitude to food

The Critters

He loves a good hearty English meal does Harry. In his interview before he entered the jungle, he said: “I’ve never tried eating bugs, but I like a bit of calamari”. Exotic, yes, but I wonder how the Witchetty Grub tasted in comparison to the calamari? A little gooier, perhaps.

In the “Jungle X Factor” Bushtucker trial, Harry was tasked with drinking the “Knobbie Williams”, an homage to one of this year’s judges. Blended pig’s penis. Yum! But he necked it, and as we saw the dregs dribbling down his t-shirt, we all felt a little bit ill.

The Cake

The most heart-breaking moment was when Emily Atack and Nick Knowles came back from their Dingo Dollar challenge empty-handed. After embarking on the task of matching up campmates to their baby photos and school secrets, the camp answered the question wrong. Nick had tried to keep quiet about what the treat would have been, but then it got out that the treat was a jam roly-poly. Harry was absolutely gutted. And seemingly didn’t stop thinking about it. This was day four. Lucky for him, five long days later, a successful task meant that ten out of eleven of them were treated to a humungous feast. And guess what was on the table, winking at Harry? Oh yeah, a jam roly-poly.

The Anecdotes

Well, where does this one begin?! As soon as anybody starts a conversation about anything, he’s there, our ‘Arry, with a fantastic anecdote. Most of them are ridiculous, too.

The Royals

He might know a star footballer when he sees one, but apparently, he can’t tell the royal family from mere mortals. We’ve heard two stories now about the royals. When crossing paths with Prince Harry, he gave him an ‘Alright mate’ and was stuck thinking about how he knew “the geezer”. He had to ask someone else to confirm who he was! And then, having a prolonged discussion with a young lady about horse racing, she said that her “grandmother loves racing” and won the Gold Cup at Ascot. It wasn’t until he clicked that the Queen owned the horse, that he realised he was in the presence of Princess Beatrice. Nice one, H.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Noel and Harry admitted that they’d stolen some pillows from the Emperor’s bedroom as they got de-throned. Harry then went on to mention something about seeing an ashtray in Buckingham Palace, “and you think, I’ll have that as a memento”. First, he doesn’t know who they are, then he’s pocketing things from the palace! Two things that could not be said for most of the population!

The Footy

What about the time he took his team of African players to Africa to go on safari? They refused to wake up at 5:30am to go on safari because they’d already seen all the animals before. Some of this stuff, you just could not write.

Then, there was the time on Soccer Saturday, when Chris Kamara was expecting to see him planning his tactics, formations, and what-not. Kammy entered the office to see them reading the Racing Post, looking at the bets for the day.

We know Harry’s in good spirits because even when Noel Edmonds made a jibe about tax evasion, he just started laughing.

The Wife

The non-footy fans amongst us have been most drawn to Harry not only because of his hilarity but his loyalty to wife Sandra. He waited at the bottom of the shower area until the girls were done, as the “only person he wants to see looking like that is Sandra”. Yep, the same Sandra he ran over, by accident! And it was just her ankle.

His best signing, he claims to ring her ten times a day when he’s out. It’s rumoured she’s already landed in Australia. I wonder if she’ll be surprising him in camp or waiting for him across the bridge when he inevitably takes away that crown.

The Mischief

Jungle life must get boring at times, so perhaps planning out his own Jungle XI might have reminded him of normality. With Anne Hegerty in goal, and Kane, Ronaldo and Messi on the subs bench, he’s clearly got faith in his campmates.

Making a mark

Harry and Noel became good buds during their time as reigning Emperor and assistant. It was probably helped by the luxurious bed and little room they had. As well as the pair of them nicking some pillows, we’ve noticed that Harry had graffitied on his bed just before he left. Anne now sleeps under a headboard that reads ‘Harry Slept Here’ with hearts on either side. Anne recently farted in Nick Knowles’ face in that luxurious bedroom, so he’s probably glad he got in first and make his lasting mark, rather than a lasting smell.


New buddies in their leadership roles, Noel and Harry were in charge of the organisation of a giant mosaic image as Rita Simons and Malique Thompson-Dwyer had to climb into a pool of slime and gunge to hunt out the mosaic pieces. Miraculously, they managed to create the mosaic, winning their Dingo Dollars to exchange for a prize with a correctly answered question. The camp got it right, but the boys wanted to build suspense. After his face of disbelief of how little of a prize there was, he hid what they had before they entered camp. He waited until they were all drooling over the thought of cheese and grapes, then snuck out and collected it. Naughty. But what a good surprise.

His chances?

He’s been tinkering around the top spot of the favourites across the board ever since he first went into the jungle.

The Competition

John Barrowman had been great camp entertainment and performed very well in all of his tasks. He’s tougher than he comes across and may be in with a fighting chance against ‘Arry. He jumped into the favourite seat after a victorious trial in week one, but after clashing with Noel, he may be heading out sooner than we thought.

Emily Atack, unfortunately, is just famous to us from playing some pretty girl in The Inbetweeners. Luckily, it turns out she’s so much more than that. She’s brave, funny and does great impressions of Dani Dyer and Gemma Collins. She seems to have been the one who’s had to deal with the most green ants in history, but she’s powered through. She’s also dotted around the favourite positions as we’ve got to know her more.

Another contender is the kind and generous Nick Knowles – in the I’m a Celeb betting odds he’s second favourite to win at 4/1 with ComeOn. First, he gave his pillow – his luxury item – to Anne to help her sleep. After being voted by the public, he reluctantly took on the role of camp leader. He is much nicer about it than Noel was, he even sacrificed the slap-up feast so that the others could enjoy it after their hard work. It’s rumoured that some of the public can ‘see right through’ his ‘fake gesture’ – but I like to think it was genuine. Others congratulated Nick on choosing Anne to be his second in command so that she’d also be exempt from any jobs or trials. Anne has had a rough time. Although still, whatever you think about Nick, he didn’t deserve that fart in the face.

Bring it home, Harry!

Nobody has got banter quite like him, nor the stories or silliness. He’s a superstar in camp, and as long as he can get through the tasks for his grandkids, then he’s got a ’triffic chance of being crowned King of the Jungle. In my eyes, anyway.

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