Why Ole Solskjaer Can’t Be United’s Next Permanent Manager

January 28, 2019

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The Old Trafford faithful are enjoying a wonderful rollercoaster of a ride with Ole Solskjaer at the helm. And can you blame them for revelling in a club legend cleaning up Jose Mourinho’s mess in dominant style?

Solskjaer, along with Mike Phelan, Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna have done a splendid job over the last five to six weeks, reviving United’s results on the pitch as well as making the players to really understand what it means to play for the most successful club in England. If it wasn’t for this reality check, the majority of the side would feel they can perform regularly at an average level without being dropped.

But now it’s time focus on the main topic of who should be announced as Manchester United’s next permanent manager once the season has finished.

Week by week, Solskjaer’s case for why he deserves the job continues to increase, but the likes of Mauricio Pochettino, Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte are still being seen as the ideal candidates to lead the Red Devils. In the end, the board and Ed Woodward have a huge decision to make, a decision which they simply cannot get wrong again.

Given that the rebuilding job is not completed and the current squad has its fair share of flaws, it would not be best to give Solskjaer the job on a permanent basis solely because he is on a winning run and understands what the Manchester United way is. Solskjaer has a lot to learn on the whole, and attempting to replicate Sir Alex Ferguson’s footballing methods may not be perfectly suitable for the current Premier League style purely due to the fact football is always changing season by season.

For sure the 45-year-old Norwegian international is living his life at the moment bringing plenty of good feeling to the club, however, it is way too early to decide that he is the perfect coach to lead United forward for the next five years. Over the next few weeks, when the tough fixtures kick in, we should have a better understanding, but right now he still hasn’t earned the right to be appointed as the next manager.

Also, whoever the next permanent manager is, they will have to bring pure consistency and total stability to what they do on a regular basis, which is something that a number of Manchester United supporters feel that Pochettino could provide whilst Solskajer cannot. Although both do not have many honours or titles, Pochettino’s project at Tottenham Hotspur should be seen as evidence to why he is simply readymade for the job compared to Solskjaer.

Not only that, the former Espanyol and Southampton coach has amazingly changed the mindset at Tottenham and has helped every single player in the squad improve their game. Due to this improvement, Spurs have now been able to confidently finish in the top four of the Premier League in recent years whilst attempting to challenge for a title with a small squad, something that their loyal supporters have not been able to witness for around 30 to 35 years. All on a shoestring budget.

Overall, the board and Ed Woodward have to come up with a monumental decision at least by the middle of April, otherwise, the great Manchester United and their objective of winning the Premier League or the Champions League could be delayed again. The outcome will be a make or break moment.

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Author: Asif Norat

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