Will The Oscars Mirror The BAFTAs?

February 12, 2019

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We’re hot off the back of the BAFTAs hosted from London’s Royal Albert Hall on Sunday. More often than not, people and films that win a BAFTA are likely to go on and win the same or similar awards at the Oscars. With that in mind, let’s see how the Oscars betting odds shifted as a result.

The 2019 Oscars will be the 91st Academy Awards, celebrating the best in film from 2018. This year, the ceremony will be held on Sunday 24th February in the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood.

Voting for the final winners of the Oscars opened on the 12th February, giving voters eight days to cast their decisions following the BAFTAs of who they’d like to win. Only members of the Academy are in charge of voting, and so the closest us mere mortals can get to giving our input is to bet on the Oscars instead. That’s fine by us!

2019 Nominees

Looking at the BAFTAs and Oscar nominations against each other, there are a lot of similarities. Many of the same movies appear again and again across the board.

It’s strange, some of the films I feel like I saw at the cinema forever ago. 2018 must have just dragged a bit longer than I expected.

A photo of the Oscars Nominees’ Luncheon – yes, it’s too posh to be lunch – was released at the start of February which showcased most of the nominees. From this, there are more women to be seen than ever before. And that’s not even an exaggeration. 2019 actually has the largest number of female nominees in Oscars history. And rightly so!

The organisation has also made a conscious effort to bring together more film-makers from around the world into its ranks, and thankfully, it is reflected in the nominations. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the picks.

The Favourite

Without wanting to walk into an unwanted pun, The Favourite is exactly that for a pretty big selection of awards.

Olivia Colman was, let’s face it, brilliant in this role. The portrayal of Queen Anne and everything that came with this comedic drama was fantastic. A female dominated film about women in power, with not one, not two, but three main female characters, each with such complex situations, was executed marvellously.

The Favourite won seven out of the twelve BAFTAs which it was nominated for, including Outstanding British Film, Leading Actress for Olivia Colman, and Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Weisz.

Fast forward two weeks to the Oscars ceremony and the question is whether it will be as easy for The Favourite to sweep as many of the nine awards it is nominated for. To date, Olivia Colman is yet to win an Academy Award. This could be a shining chance for her to bring one back from Hollywood, but the competition is tight. Colman’s Oscars betting odds were slashed after the BAFTAs win, but Glenn Close is also very close for her performance in The Wife.

Olivia Coleman is 9/2 with Betfair to win Best Actress 

Mary Queen of Scots

In stark contrast to the other Royal contender, Mary Queen of Scots seems to be lacking in nominations. Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie were both great as the title character and Queen Elizabeth I respectively. Another film with strong female lead actresses playing powerful female characters, however, there seems to be much less of a buzz about this movie.

The only nominations that Mary Queen of Scots has received are for Costume Design and Hair and Makeup, which to be fair, were all brilliant. Some of the reviews of the film did claim that the best thing about it was the costumes and makeup, which is precisely reflected in the nominations. Mary Queen of Scots had great acting, a success at making Margot Robbie look hideous, and a strong feminist stance, but unfortunately, it hasn’t clicked so much with the public.

After a fruitless run at the BAFTAs, in fact, losing out to The Favourite in all three of its nominated categories, it is uncertain if it’ll have much luck at the Oscars. For Best Costume, it is quite an outsider and is second to Vice in the Oscars betting odds for Best Makeup.

Mary Queen of Scots is 25/1 to win Best Costume Design with Ladbrokes


We’ve got to applaud Christian Bale on his transformation into Dick Cheney for this role, in which he claimed he felt like a walrus. Bale is known for rapidly gaining and losing weight for various roles, and this portrayal of the Former Vice President of the USA was no exception.

He gained 40 pounds and honestly, was unrecognisable. If he doesn’t win Best Actor in a Leading Role after that, something isn’t right – he’s 19/10 with Jetbull to do so. The competition is rife for that award though, with Bradley Cooper and Rami Malek also in the running. At the moment, he looks like a strong second favourite.

The film itself felt like it was portrayed as an accurate reflection of the real Dick Cheney’s life and dramas, but it only won the BAFTA for Best Editing, with the other big players nabbing the big awards.

The Oscars betting odds at the moment look more inclined to award a single actor or actress for Vice as opposed to the movie as a whole.

Vice is 80/1 to win Best Picture with Boyle Sports

Bohemian Rhapsody

It goes without saying that Rami Malek was utterly deserving of winning the BAFTA for Best Leading Actor for his portrayal of the late, great Freddie Mercury. Whether you loved it or hated it, they are tough boots to fill and the voting powers that be seemed to enjoy it!

This Oscar nomination is the first for Malek, and he looks like he may well be in with a fighting chance, firmly in the favourite spot across the board.

The movie as a whole is nominated for Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, Best Film Editing and Best Picture.

At the BAFTAs, Bohemian Rhapsody won Best Sound. With separate Oscars for both Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, there are two opportunities for Bohemian Rhapsody to flourish here – they’re 6/1 and 8/1 to win both respective categories with Coral. The difference is, it is up against Black Panther and Roma which weren’t nominated at the BAFTAs.

To be fair, it’s a very music-heavy production, with a lot of classics in there with the nature of the movie. I guess we’ll soon find out how many of these people voting are Queen fans.

Bohemian Rapsody is 33/1 to win Best Picture with Unibet

Mary Poppins Returns

For some people, it may never have lived up to the original, but in my eyes, it was a pretty darn good sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed it, to be honest. I thought Emily Blunt was a fantastic Mary Poppins, so it’s a shame to see she wasn’t nominated for either a BAFTA nor an Oscar herself.

The film has, however, four Oscar nominations including Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. I don’t think it will win for Costume Design, as although it was good, we saw most of it in the first Mary Poppins. Plus, it’ll probably go to The Favourite.

I reckon we’re looking at Best Original Score if Mary Poppins Returns is to be in with a chance, albeit against A Star Is Born.

Mary Poppins Returns is 9/2 to win Best Original Score with Sport Nation

2019 Oscars Drama

If you thought the only thing to worry about with the Oscars was who would win what, think again.

The Oscars Has no Hart to Host

American actor and Comedian Kevin Hart accepted the role to present the ceremony back in December last year. A couple of hours later, it surfaced that he had stepped down. Some Twitter fiends had found and resurfaced his tweets from 8 years or so ago making homophobic comments.

Considering the diversity that the Academy is actively working to bring to the Oscars, it would have been wrong for Hart to continue.

Now, instead of getting someone else on board, they have decided to go host-less for the first time since 1989. The ceremony will have some super-high-profile presenters to dish out the awards.

The likes of Whoopi Goldberg, JLo, Daniel Craig and Brie Larson have been rumoured to be presenting some awards.

Justice for the Original Songs

Apparently, it is Lady Gaga we need to thank for this. It turned out that instead of all nominees for the Best Original Song performing on the night, organisers had tried to eliminate three of them. Gaga and her team protested and were victorious in the decision for all nominees to perform.

It has since come out that Emily Blunt doesn’t feel comfortable singing the chosen song live on national television. There is to be a ‘special surprise guest’ who will come in and sing on Emily’s behalf at the ceremony.

2019 Oscars Betting Odds

Whether you’re backing Olivia Colman or a die-hard Marry Poppins fan (me), there are markets with all of the Oscars betting odds for you to fancy your chances. Will the Oscars follow the form of the BAFTAs, or will some of those who lost out at the start of the month be victorious by the end of it? It feels more like the former, but a girl can dream that Mary Poppins Returns will be victorious in all of the nominated categories.

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